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The Pebble smartwatch is one of the all time Kickstarter success stories. It smashed its $100,000 target, and went on to break the $10million mark by the time all was said and done. Since the closure of the Kickstarter campaign, there have been delays, leaving many wondering when, or even if, the device they'd thrown some of their hard earned at may appear.  The good news is, the waiting is almost at an end. The Pebble is complete, they are being manufactured, and the official word is that they will begin shipping to Kickstarter backers from Jan. 23. 

The Pebble smartwatch is an interesting product. Connecting to your Android smartphone, it allows any number of notifications and interactions from your wrist, leaving your phone in your pocket. Coupled with a backlit electronic paper display, visible even in bright sunlight, and a battery life of around 7 days, the Pebble could well take off where other Smartwatches haven't. 

Since the early prototypes, a couple of extra hardware features have been squeezed in. There's now a magnetometer inside to offer compass like functionality, and an ambient light sensor. Re-charging the Pebble is taken care of via magnetic contacts. 

One notable absentee from the launch of the Pebble though is Runkeeper support. The simple message is that it just isn't ready, and they're working with Runkeeper to make it happen. The estimate so far we're given is March. 

Better yet, Pebble says they will be shipping out the smartwatches to people in the order they entered the Kickstarter campaign. So, if you're backer number 1, you'll be first in line when it comes to shipping. Manufacturing has reached around 15,000 units per week, so the initial batch of Kickstarter orders will take 6-8 weeks to complete. After that, they'll move onto website pre-orders. 

The CEO of Pebble has completed a full demo of the smartwatch in a briefing session at CES, which is embedded for you to check out after the break. Be warned though, the colors are off, and everyone looks somewhat like a smurf. 

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Reader comments

Pebble smartwatch officially shipping from Jan. 23 to Kickstarter backers


Well, since I didn't know what a Breitling was, obviously not me.

I owned a WIMM ONE, I have a MetaWatch at the moment, and now my Pebble will be here soon.

So ten million buys you this crappy watch? You have to be kidding me!

Just Google 'futuristic watch' thousands of pictures that all look better than this.

Even the thing Kevin showed off to us during the mobile nations brief, looks way better than this crappollooza.

Well I was being sarcastic, considering they wanted $100000 and instead got ten million, shouldn't the watch be that more beautiful and capable?

Of course industrial design and esthetics are a very personal and subjective thing, but in IMHO, this thing is rather ugly.

Makes me wonder how much was spent on the design study or R&D in general?

Maybe they could have asked Ive to do the design? Or someone as suitable as he.

You are right, in part. Aesthetics is a very subjective thing. Most of the smart devices out there have a similar design template. I personally think that the Sony SmartWatch looks ridiculous and designed more for the 16 and under crowd. It looks like a kids watch.

I'm annoyingly picky about the aesthetics of my devices, yet another reason that I am unlikely to own another Samsung smartphone for quite some time. When the Pebble kickstarter first came out, the only other smart watch I was considering was the Casio G-Shock which was in the same price range, but with significantly less capability and was restricted to less than 5 devices at the time of launch. I chose the Pebble because it looks more like a watch than the Sony model and has more features than the Casio ever will.

I am curious though, what do you mean by "more capable"?

By more capable I probably want a better screen, as I dislike e-ink a lot. Actually I hate it like a vengeance. If it was on active matrix like on lcd screens I would love it. But as it is now all my reading tools are a nook color, nexus 7, and an infinity. All because when I flip pages they don't 'flash' like e-ink. Which gives me on instant headache.

I guess if my motoactv had a 7 day battery life I would consider it more capable, on the other hand if the pebble had the specs of the motoactv and 7 day battery I would forget the ugly and buy it.

I can dream.


If I was to get one, I'd wait for the 2nd generation ones with a bigger screen and smaller bezels, thanks for kickstarting them though everyone.