A quick heads up, folks, that you can now buy the original Pebble smartwatch at Target for $149. This is the classic plastic model, and it's available in red, black or white. (In fact, white's a Target exclusive for now.) [Target]


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Original Pebble smartwatch now available at Target for $149


When it gets down to $50 I'll maybe consider it.. but my mind is on the Moto 360 ... I don't know if I'd ever be happy with the pebble with my brain stuck on the 360... that's just me though

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Compared to what's coming out they're really going to need to up their game if they want to stay relevant.

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I love my Pebble, and it's great to see them expand availability to more stores. But...I'm not sure I'd recommend one now that Android Wear is on the horizon...

Not bad but they should really drop it to 50.00. With all the new ones coming out within a week or slightly more the original Pebble won't be all that anymore. Same with the Galaxy Gear 1st Gen which has already been seen for 150.00 and it nicer and more feature filled than the original Pebble IF your phone is compatible. In a year (and probably and few the Witch is released) well see an average price of 79.99 or so for the best ones out. The Original Pebble is not the "Swatch" of smart watches.