Soon, you will be able to issue voice commands to your Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. An upcoming software update is set to bring Nuance's voice guided navigation to the smartwatch. Dubbed Toq Talk, the app will allow you to dictate replies to text messages straight from your wrist.

The new software update will add a microphone icon next to the reply and call icons. Nuance's recognition engine also powers Siri, Apple's voice guided assistant. Voice functionality is only applicable to text messages for the time being, but the ability to reply to e-mails and other notifications should be available in due time. Voice command processing is done server-side, so you would need a working data connection for the feature to work.

Source: SlashGear


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Forthcoming Qualcomm Toq update will let you talk to your smartwatch


So they let you dictate a message, but you still have to push all those buttons?
Crap. Just crap.
I should be able to do all of that without touching the screen.
I should be able to have it read to me the incoming message, ask me if i want to reply, listen for my reply, read my reply back to me and ask if I want to send it. Or some better variation of that.

Why? Its already doing the hardest part. I'm not saying it has to understand me. Just recognize simple commands.

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