If you've given up hope on Pebble actually fulfilling your Kicksktarter reward, it's worth swinging by Best Buy's site today. The big-box retailer appears to actually have the smartwatch in stock — and indeed our order is already showing as having shipped. 

You can have any color you want, too, so long as it's black. And at this point, Best Buy may be your best bet. 

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eszklar says:

Back in Black!!!

bangishotyou says:

I hadn't really considered one of these, but I just might pick one up. Recently ordered a laptop and received a $50 gift card from Best Buy as a gift for the purchase.

The real question is whether to use it for this or the new Nexus 7? Decisions, decisions.

eahinrichsen says:

Considering the number of smart watches that should be hitting the market by the end of the year, I'd say wait on it.

bangishotyou says:

Very true. Especially if the rumors hold up that Google is getting into the market as well. I'd prefer something from them than any of the other OEMs.

I own a pebble and I have to say it's best to wait on it.
Honestly get the new nexus 7. It'll get more done for you buck.


Do you not like it? Or does it just not do everything you thought it would? Please reply... I was considering purchasing one, but I'm still not entirely sold on it.

NoNexus says:


I am torn on it as well. I will more than likely skip this generation and wait

brum08 says:

If you do a fair bit of texting or communicating with people, it is fantastic. I get about a weeks worth of batter life out of it and that is with it vibrating every text. And I text about 200/day. Set up with light flow, I can have sports scores, Google Now cards and travel info sent to my pebble on a moments notice. And thats basic functionality. Not to mention the apps and watch faces that are being built for it. The only issue I have is that its not microusb like my other devices, but it kind of has to be to be waterproof. I would buy another in a heartbeat

Get the Nexus dude ! Smart watches do absolutely nothing for me at the minute and i cannot think of a good enough reason to purchase one.

cmarks03 says:

Best Buy's site is also showing red as available...

tramsay09 says:

I got my pebble kickstarter edition back in February

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deltatko says:

What are your thoughts on it?

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TurboFool says:

My girlfriend preordered one in January for my birthday. Still nothing. But now they're in plentiful supply at Best Buy? What gives?

eahinrichsen says:

I pre-ordered (but did not back the Kickstarter) back in January and haven't heard anything about my order since.

tayzer522 says:

I picked one up from Best Buy last Friday (last one in stock). Went golfing on Saturday and put it in a pocket in my golf bag with nothing more that my phone and sunglasses and the screen cracked.

FarmerFran says:

I can't even get to the best buy site on any of my devices. It redirects to the xbox page and just sits and reloads. I tried using links from google and it still redirects.

FarmerFran says:

Haha, Facebook page says "Top of the line, Top of the class" yah in F-A-I-L on basic web development. They must have the geek squad coding their site.

Gekko says:

how ironic.

Best Buy Works to Get Its Website Up to Snuff
AUGUST 8, 2013 AT 1:30 PM PT

As Best Buy Co. tries to turn around its consumer-electronics business, the retail chain is grappling with a website that the company concedes is a throwback to the digital Dark Ages. The site provides skimpy details on the gadgets for sale and it has fewer and less-informative customer reviews than are available at rival sites like Amazon Inc. Best Buy’s site can’t customize merchandise recommendations for individual customers, and, until recently, if consumer searched for a high-end Nikon 5200 camera, Bestbuy would display a Nikon point-and-click camera instead.

chowdog13 says:

Yeah was thinking of getting one, but I think I'll wait for samsung or Google.

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hodan says:

Do people really not have their kickstarter pebbles yet?

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dragonsamus says:

Looks very cool! I'm willing to wait on it and see what else comes out.

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Ruchelli says:

How much?

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DanSan says:

the best buy near me has them in red and in stock

serpico says:

Oh this is why my black watch hasn't arrived since I ordered one at the beginning of the year. This is ridiculous.

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xketchupx says:

tbh i hate to admit it but im thinking about the smart watch 2 to hold me over until i can get glass

garfnodie says:

I went and got one today at BB. So far I'm liking it, even just out of the box. I do feel a little bad though that I was able to buy one from the store and yet there are still those who pre-ordered who haven't got theirs yet. Pebble should really have made more of an effort to fulfill all pre-orders before they started shipping to retail stores.

BBSeattle says:

I was able to grab one when Best Buy got the original batch last month; returned it 10 days later.
Looks and feels cheap and in spite of the growing third party applications it ran very "clunky". After the initial excitement I literally got bored with it in 2 days.
I could not justify $149.00....I would have kept it if it had cost $39.95 or less.

Looking forward to seeing what Sony, Samsung and Google bring to the table later this year.
If you get one from Best Buy don't worry, they have a 14 day no questions asked return policy. It may be worth them holding your money for 2 weeks just to check it out.

Syounger64 says:

Meh...I'll wait this one out too. I like watches and have a small collection so itll be cool to add a high tech one. Id like to see what Samsung and Google can do first.

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kenpen7 says:

Taking mine back. Not worth it for me. Plus they only had a red one..

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irule9000 says:

I would still rather have a kreyos meteor. Its better built and has microphone and spekaer. take a look

Janice Ting says:

Still waiting for pebble?... How about this?... Check out the smartwatch with mic and speaker @