Looking good matters

Back at the beginning of the week we asked you what mattered the most to you in a smartwatch. Maybe it matters most who made it, or what shape it is, or even how it feels when you wear it. Or maybe you just never are going to want one. All valid answers, but none were even close to being the popular choice.

That honor goes to how it looks. It makes sense — a watch is not a smartphone but a piece of jewelry. Functionality aside, nobody wants to wear something that looks hideous on their wrist and look at it hundreds of times a day. I sure don't, and voted accordingly. And 47.41-percent agree on one thing.

A watch has to look good if you want us to wear it.

Poll results

I'm most surprised (and pleased) by the last-place option — manufacturer. The Internet is the place where people like to defend their preferred brand from all detractors. I'm glad to see that this may not carry over into the world of smart watches. Unlike a precision mechanical watch, where the manufacturer and design makes a big difference in quality, almost any company is capable of producing a nice watch with a PCB inside to run Android Wear. And I hope they all do.