It looks like Sony is kicking off 2015 by removing as many potential objections to the SmartWatch 3 design as possible. The one real negative against Sony's first Android Wear effort was its comparatively plain design and no support for third party watch bands. Sony's answer to users who want a classier design and the ability to add their own band is to release both a stainless steel version of the watch and an adapter for existing SmartWatch 3 owners.

The stainless steel edition of the Sony SmartWatch 3 is exactly that — the rubber casing has been replaced with a shiny metal casing. On the inside there's no real difference, and the only noticeable change for users outside of the looks is the IP rating. The stainless steel casing takes the SmartWatch 3 from an IP68 rating down to an IP58 rating, which means the watch is slightly more likely to get dust on the inside. The water resistance up to one meter is still in effect, and the watch still charges through a microUSB port built in to the casing.

If stainless steel isn't your thing, the SmartWatch 3 holder will act as a replacement shell for your existing rubber casing and allows you to connect any 24mm watch strap to the outside. This obviously makes the core watch a little taller on the top and bottom to accommodate the pins for your strap of choice, but that's a small price to pay for the ability to add a personal touch.

Sony plans to launch the stainless steel variant of the SmartWatch 3 in February, with the holder accessory following shortly behind. Pricing hasn't been made available for either product just yet, so if you're looking for either a classier SmartWatch 3 or just a way to add your own strap, keep your eyes peeled.