Qualcomm Toq

Price is set at $349, includes wireless charging dock

Qualcomm has opened preorders for the Toq smartwatch, offering the black model for $350 and shipping in 1-3 weeks. We first heard about the Toq last September, when Qualcomm clearly perched it against the Galaxy Gear. Promising a better screen and better battery life than the Gear, as well as compatibility with any brand of Android smartphone, they made no qualms about calling the Gear out by name.

The 1.5-inch Mirasol display is always-on, and said to be visible without any back lighting. Combined with full use of the AllJoyn Notification Framework, the Toq sounds like the perfect wearable for a budding developer or technology junkie.

But the $349 price tag is going to be hard to swallow for many, and while the hardware and software are intriguing, it's not likely to fare well against models from other manufacturers with much smaller price tags. We get the feeling that while Qualcomm would enjoy huge retail success, they are going after the developer market with this one.

For more information, and to preorder a Toq for yourself, see the link below.

Source: Qualcomm Toq store