Hyundai Android Wear

If you own an Android Wear smartwatch, you might be able to start your car remotely sometime in 2015. Hyundai has just revealed it will show off an upcoming Android Wear app that will offer that kind of feature, among others, as part of its CES 2015 product lineup.

The app itself is called Blue Link and the car makes says that when it is released it will work with Hyundai models that have the first and second generation Blue Link technology installed. However, the Android Wear app must also be linked via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone in order to work. The company says:

The app is easy to use. The wearer simply taps an icon or uses voice commands to execute remote functions. The Blue Link smartwatch app allows Hyundai owners to remote start, lock and unlock doors as well as find their car in a crowded parking lot. Pushing the microphone icon on the watch activates the voice function, where the driver can execute commands such as "Start my car," "Lock my car" or "Find my car."

The Blue Link Android Wear app is scheduled to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

Source: Hyundai