Smartwatch Fans app

Good news, everyone! Our latest and greatest Mobile Nations site — that'd be Smartwatch Fans — now has its own Android app! This one's done in the same vein as our official Android Central app, so you'll be right at home. All the latest news, reviews, videos and podcasts are there. Plus you've got access to the forums, and can comment on stories. (Be sure to log in!)

And, of course, the app is free to use, and free of advertisements. Download it now at the link above!

And be sure to check out all the other excellent Mobile Nations Android apps!


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Smartwatch Fans Android app now available!


I like the idea of a unified app but let's get all of the individual apps there first and maybe a link to the other apps within each app as long as it's installed.

AC App via Nexus 5

I was actually going to ask about this. You knew!

I am always hoping a unified mobile nations app is in the works and ready to release soon!

Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. Going to make it a lot easier to cruise all the different sites. I find myself going I to CB less because it's a different app. A unified one will work perfectly!

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Have the smart watch giveaway winners been announced?

I like the Pebble metal brushed chrome.

Bummer, no widget, like using the home screen widget for android central, would like the same for this!

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