Pebble Education Project

$600,000 worth of hardware is now in the hands of engineering students and young entrepreneurs

Pebble has taken the wraps off a new project today, where 4,000 Pebble smartwatches were given to CS and engineering programs at CMU, Stanford, MIT, Virginia Tech and other technology schools across the US. While Pebble estimates the cost of the donations to be over $600,000, the benefit of having their hardware in the hands of the next generation of thinkers and makers is priceless.

Pebble recently released their new and improved SDK, so attracting minds to work with it is a natural course of action. There are already thousands of applications for the Pebble, but the new SDK — and a group of talented individuals to work with it — should create some great new content. 

The Pebble and it's well-documented SDK is a great tool for budding developers and old pros alike. And hopefully, if the next Alan Turing is out there, he or she gets a chance to spend some time with one. You can read more at the source link below.

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Pebble donates 4000 smartwatches in new Pebble Education Project


This is awesome. I wish more companies would be willing to donate tech to schools.

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Look at the list of schools. They could of bought their own. It's ludicrous. I was going to get at Christmas, not now. If they had chosen inner city schools and provided mentoring and the tools it would have been great but to give to mostly wealthy kids...

You're thinking of a non-profit organization. Wealthy kids did a great job for Apple, marketing to wealthy kids is where it's at.

I suppose it's good they got the gear for free considering they are students and clearly have to pay for sex...

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Okay, I'm going to be the downer here. I think the Pebble watch is pretty cool (I wouldn't mind having one) and what they're doing for students is great, but..
this technology is close to being outdated (based on the original kickstarter date and how often this type of technology is phased out) and lots of places (Best Buy and Amazon) are offering them at discounted prices possibly signaling that they are trying to clear the warehouses for the next generation.

Thats not being a downer, thats being realistic. I've been sitting patiently waiting for them to announce V2. I rarely go a day without wearing my Pebble and I'm excited to see what they improve on.