Google Calendar

Google is set to improve things for Google Apps users when it comes to the search giant's calendar solution. Google Calendar will soon be upgraded to be capable of extracting and adding events automatically from the inbox of Google Apps accounts.

The company expects to have the feature scheduled for release in the coming weeks, with the rollout being a gradual one. Once an account has been upgraded, a short in-product wizard will guide the account holder through the process and how Gmail will add events from your inbox to the calendar. A one-time email will be fired to the user once the first event has been transferred.

The feature can be disabled in the settings area, should it so be desired. This is something normal Gmail users have enjoyed for some time, but it's positive to see Google finally unlocking said functionality to those using Google Apps. The company does note that governments using Google Apps will not see this feature added. For more details, check out the official announcement linked below.

Source: Google