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Which company has earned your dollars?

You've probably heard that 2014 is the year of the smartwatch. We're not sure that we would label it as such, but we do agree that they are going to get more popular, especially if Google or Apple jump into the fray. We've already seen some great new stuff with the Pebble Steel and Samsung's Gear 2 and Gear Fit, and if the vendors at CES and MWC have their way we're about to get flooded with even more.

Enough about the future. There are some great choices to go through right here and now. To the right, you'll find a poll. If you're mobile, you can also find it below. Let everyone know who built your smartwatch!


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This week's sidebar poll: What brand of smartwatch do you have?


Currently have a galaxy gear that I only bought a week ago for $155 but I will be buying the gear 2 when that comes out, this is my 1st smart watch and I love it. I thought a smart watch was a gimmick but after owning one I can honestly say I love it

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It needs an option "Motorola" because I have the Motorola ACTV so I can't choose any of the answers...

Just paid $500 for a brand new phone with a SD800, 1080p-5.2' LCD screen, a 3000mA battery, and a power saving feature that makes you want to slap other people's mamas.

Sorry smart-watches, I actually want to look at my new phone.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

Smart watches are gayer than line dancing and Harleys. Just saying!

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This from a guy with a cat with jewelry as his avatar. SMH

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So, just so we're all clear...you're offended by a term tied to a stereotype (gay), but then use a term tied to a stereotype (inbred hick). How tolerant of you.

Do you get a shiny plastic gun and badge with your membership in the PC Police?

And what do you get for defending someone who uses the term"gay" as a derogatory term? We need more people like you in the world. Your reading and comprehending skills must be lacking because I said I wasn't offended.

Did you see anything in my post about defending him? Or, more likely, did my pointing out your hypocrisy strike your overly sensitive nerves?

"We need more people like you in the world." Meaning what exactly? If you mean LESS people like you, a.k.a. The World Thought and Speech Police, then yeah...I agree completely. There's this one little thing called The First Amendment...might want to read up on it. It isn't there to make you comfortable with what other people say.

Priceless. Preaching to me about the 1st amendment while telling me what to say. You are a contradictory fellow. I am currently exercising my first amendment. Thanks! I didn't say he didn't have the right to say it I just don't think it is necessary on a forum like this. Doesn't add to the conversation, actually it became the conversation.

/sarcastic clap...GREAT effort at deflection...you get an A for effort. But let me correct you...where in any of my posts did I tell you "what to say"? I simply pointed out that you requested free-speech suppression of a derogatory term you didn't agree with, then used a different derogatory term that you obviously DID agree with, as evidenced by the fact that you actually used it. I'm also still awaiting your interpretation of what "more people" like me means. Please explain, and do so clearly for everyone to see, and then once you have done that, read my posts again.

Would you like to defend your utilization of the term "inbred hick"? Do you not feel that term to also be offensive? If not, why not? You used that term as easily as the original poster used the term "gay", and I'd like to know your thoughts about that? Would it be because some "inbred hick" (as you define it) does not share the same social beliefs as you? If that's the case, do you believe their speech should be suppressed? Please answer this question explicitly.

Based on the whole of human history, you know how that type of thinking ends, right?

I'll agree with you on one minor detail. The comment by the original poster did not add to the conversation and took it off topic. I'm wondering if you think that your use of "inbred hick" meets the same criteria? Again, please answer explicitly. Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

Also, back on topic, I bought a Galaxy Gear and loved it. After a week of ownership, I heard that the Gear 2 was coming, so I returned my Gear and am anxiously awaiting the Gear 2. Hoping that we get some details on the LG watch before it releases though in case I want to change my mind.

I'm confused, how are they homosexual? I don't think non-sentient consumer electronics products can actually have sexual preferences, never mind feelings.

Exactly. People need to stop using this word in this way.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Its a figure of speech that I'm sure tons of people have used. Don't take it too hard.
Nexus 5...enough said

Who said anything about sexuality? I'm sure cgavin1 intended the word "gay" to be interpreted with its original meaning i.e. happy. :-p

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I love the idea of smartwatches, having so much technology narrowed down into such a popular piece of jewerly. That being said I still think watches are jewerly therefore I won't be getting one until it starts looking like one.

I have not seen or tried a smartwatch that I would wear regularly yet. Hoping the Google/Nexus smart watch or Motorola smartwatch will be the one.

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Smart watches are just a gimmick. If you are too lazy to pull your phone out and can justify spending a couple hundred dollars to avoid doing it you have problems. The real innovation in "wearable" tech is Google glass. That actually improves your life.
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What about time that you can't pull out your phone? Your a pretty judgemental troll there buddy..

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It's funny how a smart watch makes you lazy because you can look at your wrist for notifications. But you seem to think Google Glass which is essentially a computer strapped to your face is not lazy.


I still use a regular wrist watch. Not interested in a smartwatch..

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We have a brand new infant and having pebbles help us see notifications and phone calls while our phones are on silent (so as not to wake him) and do all without barely moving him in our arms. Thus, effectively keeping him asleep. Nah, not lazy. CONVENIENT though...

Had a pebble but I was having a problem with the screen flickering. I just didn't like the look of it all that much. Then the pebble steel came out and I absolutely love it except it is out of my price range and I really wish they didn't put that logo on the front.

Pretty limited selection of brands...

Where is the Smart Devices Z Watch?
Fantastic $99 colour touch screen smart watch from China. This watch has a great following on XDA Developers and is a perfect entry point for someone wanting to test out if they like the smart watch concept.

I've never heard of it, so I googled it. Their description (the text under the link) reads "We exists to create “devices with wisdom” ".


I have a sony and pebble. At the moment I use my Sony Smart watch 2 more than my Pebble because its color and touch screen but I like them both.

I just returned from vacation and wore my Pebble the whole time. Getting email, text and phone notifications was great while I was on the go. I wasn't sure how much I would use a smart watch... but I found it very convenient to not have to keep checking my phone. Love my Pebble.

I'd love a smart watch but I don't think the technology is there yet. I can't wait to see what some of the next gen watches are like.

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I have Omate TrueSmart and Pebble. Once the TrueSmart can use BT tether and provide call notification it will be a great companion device. It already is a nearly perfect standalone device.

The problem with "smart watches" is that up the only one that looks like a real watch is the Pebble.
I like watches and own quite a few. I can't imagine giving up my variety of watches to strap a glorified remote display on my arm. That being said.
When I'm listening to music, I don't need an arm mounted remote.
I don't need to see my texts on my arm.
My headset will announce who is calling. If I don't have it on? Oh well.

These are a solution looking for a problem I do not have.

Will wait for Google. Had a Motoactiv couple years ago. Got a pebble. Liked it but was kinda cheap. Want something with just a few more capabilities than the pebble. And more attractive. Casio needs to do something.

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You should look at the Sony Smartwatch 2. With the right strap it can look really good.

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Plus it has an always on display, gets all notifications from any Android device, makes calls, accepts and rejects calls, controls music right from your wrist. The smartwatch has become a necessity for me.

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I have yet to see anything that looks like a woman would wear it. They are like the earliest digital watches big and fat.

Is the MotoActv not considered a smartwatch? I think it does as much or more than the current batch of so-called smart-watches.

Motorola motoactv... It's awesome only cost me $80 on Groupon. Could use better battery life but other then that I love it.

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I have an I'm Watch. It was probably one of the first smartwatches to launch, having come out over a year or two ago.
It's got some issues but it has tons of features and capabilities. Probably on part with the Sony one. Just much bulkier.

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I have had the Sony Smartwatch 2 since December. I love it, and can't live without it. Once you get used to not having to have a loud ring tone or having to pull your phone out just to see that you have an email from Turbotax, you will be spoiled for life. Now I am eagerly awaiting the Gear 2.

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I'm a Head security officer in a High End Beach front condo in Florida. I spend a lot of my days roaming around 150.... million dollar + apartments, so my Galaxy Gear is the must have watch for me. I mainly do use it for the notifications and the occasional picture of stuff I document on duty.

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I don't own a smart watch but would love a 2014 Martian in red! Don't think their out yet, though.

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I don't own one, but want one. I thought my 1st would be the Pebble Steel, but they really screwed up that Android app launch. If the app was ready at launch, it would have been a done deal with me, and I would have already bought it. Since they dragged their feet, and then just released a half baked app, it's very likely I won't be buying it at all. At this point, I'm really looking forward to see what Motorola releases and what Google releases.

Well said. My Pebble (1st Gen) was awesome before Pebble 2.0. Now I have [insert everyone's issues with 2.0 HERE]...

Just picked up the OG Pebble yesterday in black. So far I'm loving it! Works great on my Galaxy Tab 3 as well as my BlackBerry Q10. :)

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I had the galaxy gear but sold it because I'm waiting for the gear 2 to come out.

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I don't own one or have the need for one! I really like the gear fit better and If they only make it with a bigger wider display and turn that into a smart watch! Or even a smart phone one your wrist

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I don't get the smart watch. Reminds of calculator watches back in the 80's. What's next, tablet necklaces? I could see Flavor Flav with a 12" smart clock dangling from his neck.

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Yeah I'm going to skip the "wearables" fad and hold out for implantables. I won't rest until I can replace my entire skin with a 3D rendering of my skin.

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I like the Sony sw2. But at $150 or less I'd give the gear 1 a try. I just like the battery life on the Sony sw and it's water resistant.

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The Fitbit Force may not technically be a smart watch, but it has been filling that position for me quite nicely for a few months now. No skin discomfort issues either...

I was all set to pull the trigger on a Pebble, but with the Nexus watch starting to leak I think I'm going to wait for it.

I have the pebble my wife got me for Christmas but still use my motoactv for running and cycling mainly because I don't need to have my phone on me to use it . I've tried using the pebble for fitness but prefer the motoactv.

I'd like to get a smartwatch or bracelet, but so far none look good on my wrist. I like the design of Samsung's wearables, though.

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