myTouch 4G on the Nexus One

Last night we brought you news of the myTouch 4G ROM ported to the Nexus One (and you got a plethora of screen shots to go with it). Today we bring you video of the ROM in action. It's the Espresso flavor of Sense, much like what's on the myTouch 3G Slide, and so it's not entirely new to us here. But it's definitely worth further review.

Again, this is some pure witchcraft -- and we mean that in the coolest way possible -- by eViL D:, who has put out a new release since we recorded this video. Video playback has been fixed, and some space has been freed up.

So check out the video after the break, and get your download on here, if you're the tinkering type.

Remember, this is a ROM port. And while it's a darn good one, it's not necessarily representative of how smooth it'll run on the myTouch 4G, for which it's intended. In other words, lag and bugs happen, folks.

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