The 'new' Pixel Tablet is exactly the same, except there's no dock

Android 13 clock on Pixel Tablet
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What you need to know

  • Google announced the relaunch of the Pixel Tablet, and this time, it arrives without its charging speaker dock.
  • The Pixel Tablet arrives with added support for Samusng's AI helper Bixby, and Google states it will pick up "Circle to Search" later in May.
  • The device is available for pre-order today (May 7) for $399 before it goes on sale on May 14.

Today (May 7), Google is re-introducing its Pixel Tablet as the company relaunches the device without its charging add-on for $399.

According to Google, the Pixel Tablet's relaunch saw the product launch without the charging speaker dock. The company states it has continued to "add new features" that users may find helpful for the on-the-go device and in the home. More importantly, the Pixel Tablet's relaunch brings the addition of Circle to Search as a convenient new tool.

The function launched in January and was first made available on Samsung's Galaxy S24 series. Circle to Search lets users launch a query into Google from anywhere on their device by highlighting, circling, scribbling, or tapping an item. Users can then write additional information to help narrow their search before beginning.

Google states Circle to Search on the Pixel Tablet will arrive "later this month."

To make it "more accessible," the product relaunch includes the arrival of Samsung's AI assistant, Bixby.

The relaunched Pixel Tablet is still available with an 11-inch LCD with a 120Hz refresh rate, compatible with USI 2.0 stylus pens. Google's Tensor G2 powers its capabilities alongside the Titan M2 security chip to help protect users utilizing it. Consumers should gain at least 12 hours of video streaming from the Pixel Tablet with its 27W-hour battery.

Internally, 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB USF 3.1 internal storage is available.

The pricing of the relaunched standalone Google Pixel Tablet ($399).

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Google adds that the tablet comes without its charging speaker dock for the first time. However, users can purchase this as an additional accessory if they wish to have one. The Pixel Tablet is available for pre-orders today (May 7) and will be available on the market on May 14. The company advises that the device is not available in Spain or Italy.

Unfortunately, Google shot down any possibility of a Pixel stylus and keyboard accompanying the product. The company stated, "At this time, we have no new accessories to announce."

Let's not forget that Google is preparing for its annual I/O event on May 14. The official market debut of the relaunched Pixel Tablet will coincide with this event, where we should learn more about upcoming Pixel products and software.

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