Best stylus for Chromebook 2024

Almost all of the best Chromebooks these days have touchscreens, and while just using your finger to swipe and tap your way through tabs and Android apps is fine, your fingers are nasty. Even went they're not dirty or covered in crumbs from your latest snack, fingers are greasy, flabby, and not all that precise, which is why having a great stylus can make all the difference. Whether your Chromebook can use the fancy new USI styli or just the old-fashioned capacitive kind, these are the best Chromebook stylus models you can find.

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The best stylus for Chromebooks without USI support

Stylus pack with Acer Chromebook

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Most of the best Chromebooks still use good old-fashioned capacitive styli, which means that there are millions of stylus tips, shapes, and sizes to choose from. 

Still, I'm a fan of the Adonit Mini 4 for three reasons: you can't lose the cap because you unscrew the entire bottom of the pen to reveal the precision tip. The color selection here is subdued but colorful and diverse; the Royal Blue has just the right amount of pop and the Olive Green looks exceptional, too. Thirdly, Adonit knows how to make a good stylus, but the Mini 4 allows you to get that experience without dropping a week's worth of grocery money on it.

If you're looking for a stylus that your child could use on a student-friendly Chromebook, there are a few extra things to be mindful of: you'll want a more durable stylus with a wider grip like the Ciscle Youth Series or the Cosmonaut, but be mindful that wider-tipped stylus can be harder to find replacement tips for — and kids will break the tips far more often.

What is USI and does my Chromebook support it?

The Universal Stylus Initiative is a collaboration to standardize styli the same way that groups like the USB-IF and the Wireless Power Consortium have done with USB-C and Qi wireless charging. This is a process that invariably takes time, and so while we have several USI-supported Chromebooks at the moment, there aren't that many USI pens available. 

The HP Rechargeable USI Stylus is a better pen than Lenovo's in terms of shape and power since it recharges over USB-C, but some users have reported it feeling cheap to them. On the other hand, Lenovo's pens sell out even more frequently than HP's, but they use batteries and there have been some quality control issues.

That's why the iPlume USI Stylus leads our roundup. It feels good, looks good, and so far we've seen few complaints of compatibility issues. It still uses an AAAA battery rather than being rechargeable, but it also has a tall, dark, and handsome version rather than leaving you with so many shades of grey like Lenovo and HP.

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