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These Samsung Galaxy Tab models support the S Pen

Ever since Samsung introduced the S Pen with its lineup of Note phones, the accessory has become a favorite for those who like to handwrite their digital notes. But the S Pen is about more than just writing letters; it gives a finer point for precise selection of items on the screen, and in some instances, it can be used to access device shortcuts. Samsung makes some of the best Android tablets, and these are the Galaxy tablets that support the S pen.

Putting S Pen to screen

While it makes a lot of great tablets, only the best Samsung tablets support the popular S Pen. Samsung has perfected its stylus technology over the years, and using it on the large screen of a tablet makes perfect sense — and the Galaxy Tab S7 is the best of the bunch.

The Galaxy Tab S7 combines a fantastic design and the performance and software to make excellent use of the S Pen's features. From creating your next artistic masterpiece to jotting down a list of to-dos for the next day, the Galaxy Tab S7 does the job wonderfully. You will want to be sure to pick up a great case for your tablet to keep your investment safe.

However, if you need a tablet that can do the basics well, with S Pen support, of course, and not go over budget, then you'll do great with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0. You'll get commendable performance for your daily tasks in a manageable size.