These Samsung Galaxy Tab models support the S Pen

Ever since Samsung introduced the S Pen with its lineup of Note phones, the accessory has become a favorite for those who like to handwrite their digital notes. But the S Pen is about more than just writing letters; it gives a finer point for precise selection of items on the screen, and in some instances, it can be used to access device shortcuts. 

Samsung makes some of the best Android tablets, and these are the Galaxy tablets that support the S Pen.

These Samsung Galaxy Tabs support or bundle an S Pen

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Putting S Pen to screen

While it makes a lot of great tablets, only the best Samsung tablets support the popular S Pen — specifically its flagship Tab S series and its rugged Active series. A few of the older Tab A tablets supported it, but it seems Samsung has decided not to maintain S Pen support with its newest budget Tabs. With those, you'd have to use a non-smart capacitive stylus instead.

If you're looking for an affordable S pen experience, you can either buy an older Tab A 8.0 or 10.1 — though these are several years old at this point — or choose something like the Tab S6 Lite or Tab S7 FE at a mid-range price. But if you upgrade to the latest Tab S8 series, you'll get the lowest possible S Pen latency, meaning you will have almost no lag between S Pen input and what appears on the display.

Otherwise, if you like the S Pen for note-taking but don't necessarily need a Samsung "tablet," its phones and tablet-sized foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra also support the S Pen, though it uses a specific miniature-sized one designed for mobile. 

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