These Samsung Galaxy Tab models support the S Pen

Every flagship Galaxy Tab S tablet comes with an S Pen, giving you a great tool for sketching, note-taking, and efficient browsing without smudging up the display with fingerprints. Not everyone can afford a flagship tablet, but thankfully, the list of Galaxy tablets that support the S Pen includes cheaper or rugged Galaxy Tabs, too.

Samsung makes some of the best Android tablets, premium or cheap, but not every model comes with a stylus. Below is the list of every Galaxy Tab still available for purchase that either gives you an S Pen in the box or at least supports it if you buy one separately.

These Samsung Galaxy Tabs support or bundle an S Pen

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Putting S Pen to screen

While it makes a lot of great tablets, only the best Samsung tablets support the popular S Pen — specifically its flagship Tab S series and its rugged Active series. A few of the older Tab A tablets supported it, but it seems Samsung has decided not to maintain S Pen support with its newest budget Tabs. With those, you'd have to use a non-smart capacitive stylus instead.

If you're looking for an affordable S pen experience, you can either buy an older Tab A 8.0 or 10.1 — though these are several years old at this point — or choose something like the Tab S6 Lite (2022) or Tab S7 FE at a mid-range price. 

For the lowest possible latency, the Galaxy Tab S9 series, along with the Tab S8 Plus and Ultra, all give you an ultra-quick 2.4ms delay, followed by the Tab S8 at 6.2ms. Every other tablet has a delay of 9ms or higher; that still beats many tablets for responsiveness, but you'll want the newest available Galaxy Tabs for the best experience.

Specifically with the Galaxy Tab S9, you get an IP68 water-resistant rating for both the tablets and their bundled S Pens. This makes them somewhat rugged, but not as reliable as the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro with its MIL-STD-810H rating for drops. At least you can close the gap with one of the best Galaxy Tab S9 cases, without having to sacrifice all of the other upgrades the Tab S9 has over the Active lineup.

Otherwise, if you like the S Pen for note-taking but don't necessarily need a Samsung "tablet," its phones and tablet-sized foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy S23 Ultra also support the S Pen — though it uses a specific miniature-sized one designed for mobile. 

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