Google's Larry Page made it to the third-quarter earnings call (after missing the Q2 call). And in his opening remarks, he dropped the same activations numbers on us that we heard back in late September. More than a half-billion Android devices in the field, with more than 1.3 million activations per day. It's not overly surprising that the numbers haven't really changed in a month -- we just like shiny new things like everybody else.

And, as we pointed out this morning after Verizon's earnings call, it's still heads and shoulders above every other platform not named iPhone.

We're kibbitzing on the earnings call now. You can listen live after the break.


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Page: Android activations still at 1.3 million a day


When I was in the Philippines this past summer. I noticed quite a few people who would have trouble paying for food, rent, and transportation....still had better smart phones than me. HTC Sensation, iPhones, Xperia a city where the typical wage was $5-10/day. Of course they only invest in the device as a 1 month's service is only $3-5.

Its crazy where people have their priorities at but I understand the allure.

>" it's still heads and shoulders above every other platform not named iPhone."

Actually, it's heads and shoulders above *EVERY* other platform, *INCLUDING* iPhone.

Well *I* think he meant that compared to iPhone and Android, every other platform is a rounding error with only a few percent installbase and miserable handset sales numbers lately... It's not even as if they were just recently surpassed; Android and Apple sell more in a day than all the rest combined sell in a quarter.

Well a lot of people are ditching their old android and getting a new one, but a figure's a figure.

I really want to know the spread of the quality of phones in these activation numbers. I fear for the future of Android that a lot of them are going to be shit-phones.

Don't worry, they are all shitty compared to yours. You alone have the intellect to pick a decent phone, the rest of us just gamble on whether or not we will be as smart as you. All hail dextroz!

/troll off

Are these purely new phone activations? Or are they also including factory resets/flashes, like at first when Google Music counted each reset as a new phone?

Each device is only counted once no matter what you do to it.

This also means that on iPhone5 launch week, there were TWICE AS MANY Android phones sold that week. ;) I'm saying it now, iPhone will be 10-15% of the smartphone market just like they are in PC's. People are tired of buying the same phone over and over. (As they wait for the 5S with NFC next year)