Nexus 4

Google has just sent out e-mails saying the Nexus 4 will resume sales in the U.S. today at noon Pacific time. And, well, that's all there is to it.

The Nexus 4 originally went on sale Nov. 13, but Google's retail side of things didn't fare too well. Some folks got orders in, and we've seen a couple of waves of shipments, mostly recently a day ago. But the phone has remained unavailable for purchase for many days now. Today, that changes. Fingers crossed, folks.

As a reminder, there are two versions of the Nexus 4. Here are directly links to them at Google Play:

Still on the fence about the Nexus 4? Be sure to read our comprehensive Nexus 4 review, and swing by our Nexus 4 forums if you've got more questions.

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jimmiekain says:

Damn, I'm gonna be at work. I wish I could pre-order it.

still1 says:

Now this why i am glad i am back ordered. I dont have to worry about ordering one or sell outs. I will get a unit this week.

spock123 says:

Whoa whoa whoa!

Any takers on how long time the inventory will last this time?

jian9007 says:

I'll take 36 minutes. Or 3.6 minutes. Or just something with a 3 and a 6. :-)

bacalao says:

It was definitely only around 3-4 minutes. Holy Crap.

XChrisX says:

As a lover of fine gadgetry, I believe I will try to snatch one of these up today. I initially wanted a Note II, but really want to see what all of the fuss is about with the Nexus 4!

spock123 says:

They're really not comparable.

Get both :)

XChrisX says:

I just may ;) I might need to consider selling a Galaxy SIII now lol.

in2android says:

I have a GS3 & I bought the Note 2, & in my experience it's not really practical to keep both. They're so similar that I never use the GS3. I'm going to get a Nexus 4 as well, but I'm still going to hold out a little longer, o had the cash to throw down on launch day, but with all the Christmas shopping I think it's best I wait. I really can't wait to get my hands on one though!

XChrisX says:

Yeah money wasn't the issue with me on the Nexus 4 on launch day, I just didn't really want to lose out on LTE, and non expandable memory. However quicker updates will be a huge plus for me here. Should be a fun phone to have around.

SeeK says:

Aaaaand the rest of the planet? Wish Google wouldn't prioritise the US so much, but I suppose it makes sense from their view.

biohzrd53188 says:

ebay is about to get restocked.

spock123 says:


jian9007 says:

Only if the person ordering has multiple accounts/credit cards/addresses. Google has apparently placed a 2 order maximum restriction on ordering. I'm sure there will be unscrupulous people still trying to circumvent it though. Me? I'll be happy if I can just order 1.

How much are they selling for on Ebay?

jimmiekain says:

Lets not tweet this out or tell anyone else. I'd really like to get one but wont be able to if the world knows.

K thanks!

gierso says:

hahahha good one
it is already in the world

Eversofree1 says:

Yeah stop knowing about this everyone til I have mine.

Hopefully, Europe will also follow with restocking. :D Can't wait!

Vizualize says:

Bumpers??? Wireless chargers??

youareme7 says:

No kidding; I'm hopefully getting my N4 this week (crossing fingers) and REALLY want one of those awesome looking wireless chargers! It's a big bummer that it's a banner feature of the device and they don't even have the charger on the play store at all, not even coming soon. I will probably cruise to an AT&T store and Verizon store to see if they have any wireless chargers on display that I can test out. Probably going to end up with a few of them when it's all said and done anyway.

gierso says:

Round Two ... this time im getting them !

+1 Vizualize

helladd says:

...And so it begins >:)

El Niche says:

Yes! Finally, hopefully they have enough stock for everyone and not just for Ebay sellers. I hope they add some bumpers too. I sold my phone 2 weeks ago thinking this would be in stock earlier. It has been a dreadful 2 weeks with an iPhone 3g

gierso says:

same thing here. my brother sold his Razr! and now he is on a peanut shape dumb phone

Small_law says:

Move this man to the front of the line! No one should have to suffer like that.

Eversofree1 says:

Lmao I love places with gadget lovers. My friends think its too much to have an iPad, ps vita and a smart phone.

movielover76 says:

That's why I always wait until I have the new phone in my hand before selling the old one, you can never trust that you'll get a phone at launch, that some major problem with the device won't appear, or that shipping won't be terribly delayed.

I currently own a Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus, and I'll be trying to pick up the Nexus 4,
GS2 is either going to my mother if she decides she does want a smartphone or ebay.

gierso says:

on user side:

preparing a new keyboard with a brand new and fresh F5 button :D

preparing credit cards.

on google side:
preparing for a massive DDOS attack on the play store purchase servers :(

hope i get it

wakazuki says:

Your comment let me think about this a little more.. we're actually fighting Google without even knowing it while trying to order.How paradoxical...

Morjesta says:

Can anyone confirm, that the payment will be processed charged to my card once the order has been shipped? Or when I pre order it?

I recall that when I bought the gnex the payment was charged once the phone was shipped.

Any one?

gierso says:

when shipped

moosc says:

Order today receive on Christmas Eve.

XavierMatt says:

LMAO - so true.

drwohl says:

For those on the fence, I got one from T-Mo . It's a fantastic phone. I got a free GS3 for my wife at about the same time. I prefer my Nexus.

CoolBeit says:

Woohoo! Now I wonder when dollars in my bank account will be back in stock so I can finally get one...

leroy_sunset says:

At the hospital. Wife's in labor. I was told to expect my son to come out at noon PST. Great timing.

asn5014 says:


Mobius360 says:

Lol excuse me honey I'll be right back.... She'll understand.

XChrisX says:

I can see it now "Don't forget to order one for me too dear!" LOL

Do I see the plot to a 30 second ad spot for this phone forming?

leroy_sunset says:

Had the kid! Baby boy at 3pm PST, logged on right after he came out and successfully bought 2x 16gig N4s on my second try! Confirmation email and all. Hell of a day.

Bubbademon says:

Loool, might as well call him Nexus while you are at it :)

jian9007 says:

A triple congrats is in order. A big one for your real life baby, and 2 little congrats apiece for each baby Nexus! :-)

It's 600 dollars in Denmark, getting a Surface RT or Acer Iconia W510 for less :D More for less is the best.

Mobius360 says:

Time to try again

GrendelJapan says:

I was mid-flight for a work trip the last time and didn't managed to get an order through before the N4 got dropped from my cart last time (and yes, I'm still a little sour about it). This time, I'm blocking the time off on my work calendar; I've got an appointment with the Nexus 4 at 3:00 p.m.

movielover76 says:

That's great :)

thechemE#CB says:

i think I'm just moving to windows phone...

NickA says:

I did (GNex to Lumia 920), but you'll come back to Android. If I can snag one of these today I'll be SIM swapping between the 920 and the N4 like it's no ones business.

phobic#IM says:

I did this as well. The 920 is a great phone in terms of hardware, but I personally felt that WP8 was lacking compared to Android. I was intending to use the 920 alongside a Nexus 4 until Google botched up and I grew impatient.

I now have a Galaxy Note 2 but the N4 is still calling me. What to do..??

davela72 says:

I hate to say but I grew impatient as well. I picked up the 920 and ended up returning it for the Note 2, which I love! The bad part is that the N4 is still calling my name, ughhhh.....I've got less than 3 hours to think about it, hmmmm.

CoolBeit says:

How about you just buy an N4 and send it to me while you keep using the GNote 2?

movielover76 says:

Agreed, I had a Windows Phone, it's a nice smartphone for most smartphone tasks, but it's too limited in many ways, especially the app store. I owned it for a year and then sold it.

thegoodnotes says:

Agreed. I had the HTC 8X for a little over a week. Loved the UI of WP8 and they do some things incredibly well (better than iOS / Android IMHO) like e-mail management, People hub (contacts), and lock screen. But, it still needs about 6-12 months to mature fully. Android and iOS have it beat by that large of a margin right now. Got the Galaxy S3 instead and after some of the pain / hurdle of setting it up the way I like / expected it to be out of the box, it is great.

vNaK says:

This week is going to be killer on my wallet! Got a new desktop from black friday/cyber Monday, grabbing Note 2 from verizon, and now my attempt on the Nexus 4 lol.

hope Google has enough Nexus 4 for all of us!

JJDigitized says:

No Canada love? :( I'm a sad panda.

hunterhp says:

I'll say 2 hours this time. I think they have enough stock, and I'm not sure the demand is as high as when it was released.

Although LTE did turn off a lot of folks, and now that it has been proven to work, it might attract some folk...

darealshht says:

Isn't lte only available for Canada right now? Or does it also work in the US?

shea-bird says:

Also sold my One sporting an OG Atrix that reboots about 15 times a day :) I better get one today!

I've been rocking the OG Atrix and HATE THE DAMN THING! Constant reboots and all. Can't wait for a N4.

Its a tough choice to either shoot it like a clay pigeon or sell it for $50. Leaning more toward destruction...

CoolBeit says:

HAHA! I am in exactly the same boat! I have an OG Atrix and, to make matters worse, I was sent a unit with a newer, locked down bootloader after a warranty repair. After I get an N4 in a few months, I'm strongly considering just throwing it out a window and watching it smash to bits.

XavierMatt says:

That's what I would do. Put it out its misery.

deankaltsas says:

selling more ...i'm still waiting for my bumper! and the phone they so conveniently took out of my shopping cart!

deltatux says:

How about for us Canadians? We get our stock from the States too, why can't we buy them O.o? I want my Nexus 4 too!!

marcus.plans says:

Depending on supply and demand, I may just do what I should have done instead of canceling my back order. If it sells out quickly and I'm able to snag one and there's enough demand for me to sell it at an inflated price, then I will. If there's more than enough supply, though, then I'll just have my phone earlier than I planned to have it. Either way, I win.

Teeohbee says:

And lots of other people lose.

MarkMcCoskey says:

A $300 Nexus 4 and a $45 Straight Talk account just might be the ticket.

cluckkillerb says:

That's what I'm rocking and I'm loving every minute of it. I finally feel like I'm not being ripped off for my phone service! Good luck on the purchase for you all!

imrewind says:

I was lucky to get my order in on 11/13. I was unlucky, I received a backorder on 11/15. I was lucky, got notice 11/26 that I would receive Nexus 4 this week.
Now! It will be available today, 11/27 at noon Pacific time. I have to wonder if they will sell out and they miss shipping to some of the backorders from 11/15.
I just created a big knot in my stomach. Damn!

Good luck out there guys!

tejasoffroad says:

I really hope i can get one today and now i can't seem to leave my computer. glad i did not have work today! But since my plan is up friday, i guess i have to go with straight talk for next month till this phone arrives. so exicted!

JwK_ says:

Got backordered on 15'th as other- NOW IT'S SHIPPED....

Thank you.
Great news! Your order on Google Play has shipped. Track the status of your package UPS Note that it may take 24 hours for your tracking number to return any information.

Order date: Nov 13, 2012 1:20:58 PM PST
Payment method: AMEX xxx

John-Smith says:

I don't believe you, can you include the rest of the numbers that are x'd out next to the AMEX name?

jontay02 says:

Wait, Can i order it too? I checked the link ( There's no Aus or USA ) indication for it. its 3:23am here. 2 hours 27mins to go!

sting7k says:

Playstore already (or still) says sold out...

JJDigitized says:

There's still two hours to go.

donhoa says:

If we learned anything from the November 13th fiasco, I'd start checking the Play Store at least 1 hour before the "official" release time.

I'm in Canada so I'm out of the loop for today's release, but I'll be monitoring this thread closely, I think things will get pretty entertaining once again. ;)

Im hoping that the bumpers are in stock...need a case for this bad boy

John-Smith says:

It's 2:03 (12pm PST right? Or is PST 3 hours behind?) and the Nexus 4 is already sold out.

Nevermind it's 11am PST. Google helped me out.


The Rambler says:

t minus 7 min

Thoth19 says:

Refreshing the page is starting to slow down o_O

vansmack says:

Well that was easy. No problem this time...

nothing yet

LOL! that was fast... wtf!

imrewind says:

4 to 5 weeks delivery.

vansmack says:

Strange. Mine said 1-2 weeks.

vNaK says:

wth, showed available added to card, proceed to pay, and bam, says out of stock...

JJDigitized says:

same as on the 13th :(

You were too slow! You gotta be quicker than that...

Vizualize says:

It went from 1 - 2 weeks to 4 - 5 weeks to sold out in less than 2 minutes!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is pure insanity people!!

EDIT: Oh wait, now we are back to 1 to 2 weeks. They must be throttling the orders! They are coming in by the truckload!

GameOver69 says:

Same thing just happened to me.....

am really pissed

JJDigitized says:

Never changed from sold out for me.

Fatih Coskun says:

I am from Europe, and I am eagerly waiting to see how long the n4 will last in the US this time. To be prepared when it is back in stock in Europe.

bsinc1962 says:

What did they have like 4 available? lol

omnitrix says:

that was faster than expect it LOL!!!

wolverinex says:

still says out of stock

auchegal says:

that took about 30 seconds :)

harryzwd says:


randyw says:

There website must be getting hammered. Now you see them, Now you do not.

Congrats to the 5 people that were able to purchase today!

Morjesta says:


I had it in my cart and then it was sold out. BS!!

Wow. In less then a minute, SOLD OUT!!!

8 GB Model says it ships from google in 4-5 weeks... WTFITS

Mobius360 says:


InfantMystic says:

GGGGRRRRRR servers getting pounded.....not looking good

paulw3 says:

Just wish we could buy it from the Play store here in New Zealand instead of being treated like the tech 3rd world. The only way to get it here is to setup a US VPN, have a International debit card and use something like Youship to get it here..

GameOver69 says:

Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We're working on fixing the issue. Please try again later.

Yahma says:

Total BS!! Sold out in under 5 seconds. The site was loading so slow, and I have a 50Mbps connection. Had one in my cart, but it was sold out before I could finish the checkout.

Vizualize says:

No bumpers & wireless chargers still. Whats santa going to bring!??

helladd says:

Same here.. add to cart and than back to out of stock.. WTF??

vNaK says:

Keeps on saying "add to card" proceed to click and it brings me to empty card. Google is being mean to me!!

gierso says:

no dime :(
Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.

they are on cart

falcor87 says:

Looks like I'll be keeping the Nex I got from T-mobile.

Oskiee says:

Sold out in less than 5 mins. Wow...

trife says:


InnerGeek says:

Absolute crap, clicked add to cart and it told me "Oops, your cart is empty"

Bless Google's heart.

Maybe they'll get the hang of this retail thing one day. Doubt it....but maybe.

iowabeakster says:

No luck for me either.


a few minutes later, i was again able to get one in the cart... but was not able to Proceed... both models...

--update again--

... and again (5th time now), several minutes later... got it in the cart... cannot proceed to checkout...

I think they are throttling... they know the bottleneck is at checkout (and apparently can't fix)... so they are releasing to the store in batches...

--and again-- 12:57 pacific (3:57 eastern) another sitting in the cart... attempted check out 5 times on this one... scared to click proceed again because it might disappear from cart...

jmoney13 says:

Mine is still on backorder. I don't understan how they are taking more orders before they fulfill the orders they've already taken... It's mind bottling!!!

tejasoffroad says:

WOW! Said 'add to cart' then when i clicked. Whoops! Its not there. I love google but this is ridiculous the second time around as well
EDIT: Now in cart but can not proceed to checkout. And the bumper is out of stock now

Vizualize says:

Google: Nexus, 4 available for purchase in U.S. at noon PST today ------ > They forgot the comma in the title of this story. I put it back in for them :(

Morjesta says:


visuallytk says:

LOOOOOL ..... Registered on the site for this comment !!!!

harryzwd says:

honestly, this is a piss poor way of doing business. this is the second time i've tried to buy this phone 10 seconds after the time stated it would go on sale and it's the second time i've been denied (along with a lot of other people)

WTF google!? keep it up and build some resentment why don't you....

tcapote says:

Maybe that it is still on B/O is a blessing, I really do like my Unlocked Galaxy Note 2. Maybe it's a sign!

Mobius360 says:

Have one in my cart and it won't let me f'in check out

movielover76 says:

same here

tejasoffroad says:

EDIT: and they taketh away!!! NOOO!! why can i not stop laughing at this process

Mobius360 says:

Update. Instead of letting me checkout, item magically removed from shopping cart. F'n come on Google, hire Amazon to run your shopping site.

vargaslc says:

I am soooo done with buying anything directly from Google!

Eversofree1 says:

same here

Eversofree1 says:

same here

Brian Matsik says:

I'll put up with the ordering issues to save a couple of hundred on a phone. I guess they didn't expect the Nexus 4 to be quite this popular, so I see that as a good thing in the iOS vs. Android wars.

miller7796 says:

And google is imploding again.

bobcatpilot says:

In my cart, then gone 2 seconds later. Pitiful. The 8GB was showing 4-5 weeks and the 16GB was 1-2 weeks. I can't get either to stay in my cart though. Oh well. Going BYOD with Ting.

InnerGeek says:

Got as far as having it in my cart but couldn't process due to high volume

mmtowns says:

Sam here. Still in the cart ~30 minutes later though - there's hope!

still having trouble with the site! EVERYONE GET OFF! lol

Small_law says:

Did it really sell out in under 5 min.???

LordGenki says:

I clicked the button less than 5 SECONDS, and when I tried to check out it said it was sold out.

randall2580 says:

SOS DD, simply do not understand why a company like Google cannot get this right. Doesn't exactly inspire

DNicolasL says:

It's available!

visuallytk says:


helladd says:

"Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again." this is BS :(

Eversofree1 says:

Mine never went from sold out

imrewind says:

I fear my backorder, will be backordered again.

myeh99 says:

Damn, had my hopes up that the sale in the US today would go a lot better than this... us Canucks up north are still waiting for the restock to show up here...

Brian me says:

Its back on sale, go crazy

munnarg says:

F&*k Google and their crappy store. You would think they would've done something to prepare for today after the first launch. I'm moving on to something else as my backup phone.

ineedme says:

Not again

GameOver69 says:

i had one in my cart at 3PM on the dot... magically disappeared after i unchecked link this device to my google account... then went to sold out.

have one in my cart now, but cant proceed with the checkout

vNaK says:

Oh wells. I'm not going to bother pressing F5 for several hours like the Nov 13 launch and find out it was unsuccessful. I guess I'll get one next month/year or whatever. Good thing I'm grabbing galaxy note 2 in the meantime! :)

Congrats to whoever managed to get it this 2nd time around.

heymecalvy says:

hahaha well done, Google! Two botched sales days in a row! Promptly sold out at 3:01

tcapote says:

Ouch, was in stock, in my cart, then sold out!

greydarrah says:

This is such bullshit for a giant tech company.

itsjose says:

I honestly would think that Google would set up a better system. They're not some small upcoming brand. Theyre one of worlds BIGGEST industries, leading in innovation, making the web a better place, AND I CANT BUY A FREAKING PHONE FROM THEM?! ugh -_-"

GameOver69 says:

anyone actually able to purchase one today?

pounder001 says:

Still No luck!
Clicked "add to cart" nothing in my cart, refresh, refresh, clicked add to cart, nothing, zippo, notta!
I am so done with this - Oh well

Brian Matsik says:

Just got a 16GB on order. Had to keep refreshing the screen to see it in stock and then pounded the check out button until it finally went through.

ultraviolet says:

This is BS! It wont't process my cart due to high demand, then it keeps removing it from my cart. Way to go Google...

Yahma says:

Had a 16GB in my cart, but wouldn't let me checkout, then after hitting refresh it was removed from my cart and listed as sold out! Piss poor service Google!

onetonofclay says:

Horrible. Same cart issues everyone else is having.

Adam Rowan says:

Yeah.... I think they are sold out once again... and seems like the same ol same ol. Tried to add to cart but no luck... said they ship within 4 - 5 weeks but still cant order. :(

egghead221 says:

I was just able to get a 16gb. I had one in the cart and it kept saying there was an error. I just kept going back to my cart and hitting process. It finally worked after a couple of tries. I let all the pages load completely before clicking any of the buttons..not sure if that had anything to do with it. I got the confirmation email, but wouldn't be overly surprised if later it said there was a problem.

GameOver69 says:

GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


just keep being persistent w/ the checkout button!

Order placed
Thank you. Your order has been placed, and you will receive an email shortly with the details of your purchase.
Nexus 4 (16GB) $349.00 1 $349.00

Jester23 says:

Way to go Google...Way to go. Glad you thought stocking the store with a total of 3 phones was going to be enough this time.

I got one easily. I just had the page up and at 1:58PM Central time just pressed refresh once and it said add to cart. Already have my confirmation email and all.

darkoman4 says:

Looks as if google really doesn't want to sell this phone for 300 dollars, instead created the hype and demand as well as marketing trick. But in the end, there will never be enough of these phones for people to buy.

Morjesta says:

Does anyone was able to complete the order?

Nasko says:

I have an idea for you Google. List it on Amazon. I hate this, how is that they have the exact same problem again.

InnerGeek says:

I give up

mrtito32 says:

They are just playing with my emotions now!!!

Eversofree1 says:

i'm so done with google

bobcatpilot says:

I give up. Had each one in my cart several times only to have them disappear. They're probably just hitting an "Available" toggle at Google and laughing at all of us refreshing.

Morjesta says:

i'll probably would do that :P

st_7 says:

16GB still available, try it guys, good luck, i can't order as i'm outside USA and don't have US credit card

InfantMystic says:

Everyone....PLEASE stay off the Google Play Store for 5 minutes....I'm trying to buy a Nexus 4. Thanks Everybody!! ;)

Okay, everyone back out of the store. Just back all the way out and wait and stop refreshing. I'll go in, check it out, and once it's back up I'll give you the all clear. Deal?

Morjesta says:

i see the add to cart button from time to time, but when clicking it. the cart is just empty... :(

st_7 says:

it's gone again

richard451 says:

Surely someone at Android Central cask ask whomever is in charge of the Play Store for an explanation? How can a company with the prowess of Google be so incompetent in this area?

tcapote says:

In stock again and then right out! I should be happy, go to lunch and stick with my GN2 unlocked!

mwuagi says:

Screw Them.

randall2580 says:

Has anyone actually gotten through the process today?

I've seen two people post comments that they were able to complete their order and received a confirmation e-mail. They should seriously consider buying a lottery ticket today.

rwong48 says:

I got one (8gb) about 20 min ago. Added to cart around 50 times and hit "proceed" about 300 times..

visuallytk says:

I think they are releasing like 5 every minute ...

guailifit says:

"Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again."

"Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We're working on fixing the issue. Please try again later"

"Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later."

Morjesta says:

im getting that message too!!!! :@

The Rambler says:

And now everything has crashed...

Morjesta says:

this is getting on my nerves.....

GameOver69 says:

Not to rub it in anyone's face, but i was just able to purchase my second one!!!!!

Srsly, uncalled for :P

skarletknite says:

Not to rub it in anyone's face, but i'm going to rub it in your face anyway? you're like school at 2am = no class

GameOver69 says:

no man... in all seriousness... they key is... once its in the cart... you got to tab over to the PROCEED button, and just hold down enter.

that's how i was able to purchase it both times. may take a little while, but it goes through.

good luck....

and seriously not trying to rub it in anyone's face.. just happy to finally have it ordered.

That worked. It took about 3 minutes of solidly pressing down the enter button, but it worked. Thanks!

mrtito32 says:

Holy dog poop! That ACTUALLY WORKED!! Now I'll just hold my breath and hope that it doesn't get canceled! THANKS!

KathyJN says:

Wow - thanks for the advice. It worked for me. Now I have another N4. If my husband doesn't want the one I got last week (which has a little scratch on the front and I swear I don't know now it happened), then I'll put my "old" one on eBay. Just got my confirmation email.

kenguy79 says:

Thanks for the advice. Worked for me, too!!!!

visalia5 says:

GameOver69! Your wisdom on overcoming the purchase process is most appreciated. It just placed the order for me! Thank you!

visuallytk says:

Now I think it actually Sold Out ... been refreshing for a while without seeing it in stock ....

tejasoffroad says:


corleyman says:

Looks like the Google Play page is getting pounded. Even if it says "Sold Out", refresh until it gives you the "Add to Cart" button. I saw it briefly ... and something about how it "ships in 4 to 5 weeks", but then when I tried to change to the 16GB model, now it's back to "Sold Out." I can't wait to get mine to be activated w/ unlimited everything for only $49/mo :)

skarletknite says:

beat it troll

richard451 says:

I found an internal document on how Google handles Nexus 4 orders and decided to place it on my G+ account. Enjoy

guailifit says:

guy keep trying ,press the process buttom not give up I finally take my order

skarletknite says:

i cannot believe the EXACT same thing is happening again

skarletknite says:

i had one in my cart no less than 10 times and i got zip

gierso says:

stupid google just back order me im in no rush just want to secure mine :(

Honestly, I think the first mistake Google made was announcing that the Nexus 4 would be available at a specific time. This only ensured that thousands upon thousands of Google hungry geeks, myself included, would be lining up at their doors in a concentrated effort to melt their servers at a record pace. It might have been better to have the store go live then send the e-mail update. That way they don't get slammed initially and some of us could get phones.

In other news, I've been able to add a phone to my cart without the cart emptying. Can't advance beyond the "PROCEED" button though, but the cart remains full. How long will this last?

This is maddening!

If you did not get one keep trying because it just let me through again. I just wanted to see if it would let me and it did.

ultraviolet says:

Hour and 10 minutes of having this thing in my cart and constantly hitting proceed to checkout and still wont go through.

armyofpezz says:

Yup, as mentioned above, tabbing over to the proceed button, hitting enter and holding it down worked for me... Now $750 lighter, I have a confirmation for 2 16gb Nexuseseseses (Nexi?) for the wife and I.

This was about an hour after going on sale. Persistence paid off after refreshing I don't know how many times. Moral of the story: keep trying!

Nexuslover27 says:

I hammered the Proceed button so much that the page refreshed, it asked me to verify my humanness, just to make sure a program wasn't sending all those requests!

Still stuck in my cart!

Google, take my money. Please.

Nexuslover27 says:

Should I just keep hitting proceed or should I refresh my cart? I'm afraid it'll be empty again if I refresh.

tejasoffroad says:

i hit proceed probably a thousand times, my finger was starting to hurt i was hitting so fast. But it finally went through.

greydarrah says:

I just got my 2 and had this message pop up just before the payment went through:

Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.

The key is to get it in your cart...then never give up on the Proceed button.

When I go to the Play Store in Internet Explorer, there is a yellow bar across the top that reads "Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience."

All hope is not lost!

gvanvran says:

Clicking on the Proceed button like I was playing D3 paid off and I finally got to the payment screen. No issues after that.

Nexuslover27 says:


I was taking it easy on the Proceed button till I saw this comment. Thanks so much..I got one now!

jeepnauti says:

got one!

Order finally went through! But in my haste I entered my shipping info without a name, just the address. Too scared to cancel the order and try again, I'll just try and work it out with UPS when they ship.

hank johnson says:

Same here, sort of. But in my case I had the state listed 2x for some reason. I did have my name though. Hopefully they can figure it out.

johnp012001 says:

I can also confirm this method worked as of 3:45PST. I had been randomly clicking for hours, tried this holding for about a minute and gave up, then tried again and after about 30 seconds it worked! Thanks for the tip!

Morjesta says:

Ordered mine successfully, after 100K failed attempts.

notfaded1 says:

Yup me too it took 3+ hours for me... Once I got to the card selection part of Google wallet then it failed! I finally got to that point again and quickly selected the correct card and it went through for the 16g. D@ng that was rough... I guess it was worth the thousands of clicks going between cart and the blue continue button. Every once in a while it would dump my cart and I'd have to go back and refresh on the main page and luckily it came back to in-stock eventually. Crazy clicking for sure but eventually got it ordered!

Plano26 says:

Woot! Finally got my order thru! Tried about 2 hours ago and still wouldn't go thru, came back and gave it another try and it went thru. They are saying 2-3 weeks but I'm ok with that, just glad I got to order it!

navbains says:

finally got it after trying for 3 long hours! shipping estimate in the email said 1-2 weeks :)

Yahma says:

Finally got it after clicking the proceed button for over an hour. I think I wore out my mouse. The tab/enter trick didn't work for me.

Now gotta wait a few week to see if it even ships. Nobody in their right mind would put up with this piss poor order process.

BCwrangler says:

Damn.....I had two in my shopping cart but I had my old address for the credit card, came back and sold out!

dybunny says:

I want to thank GameOver69 for the advice!

Lol. Once I got one in the cart (for the 4th time), I sat a soda can on top of the enter button on my keyboard. I was at work and had to step away from my desk. Came back and it finally went through so I could pay. yay!

Alcarnor14 says:

The 8GB now says "SHIPS SOON ... Ships in 8 - 9 weeks." 8-9 Weeks? lol. "Soon"? Another couple weeks and that's a nearly a quarter year. 8 Weeks from now would put it at the end of January.