Google Maps

There's an update to Google Maps available today that brings the app to version 6.7 and adds a couple new features. Google offers has been integrated, letting users see nearby deals and sales based on location, indoor directions provides walking directions (US and Japan only) for places big enough to need such a thing, and business photos offer a 360-degree panoramic view of the inside of participating businesses. 

There's a short video after the break showing off the new tools, and the download link is there to make for easy updating. 

Source: Google

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Digitalstorm says:

This would be cool for places like amusement parks, big malls and the such. Would haave been nice to have finger tip directions to the restroom when i was at Disneyland the other day :P

zhecht says:

Unfortunately the maps of Disneyland are woefully inaccurate due to the constant edit wars on Map Maker.

TJH132 says:

Was hoping this would fix the recent loss of spoken street names in navigation. Alas, it does not.