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Google Maps got an update today that improves the battery life if you use Latitude and location history users. In addition to these battery improvements some bug fixes have been implimented in this release as well, hopefully making an overall smoother experience for everyone.

The update is available in the Android market now and be sure to hit the break for download links.


Reader comments

Google Maps updated, improves battery life for Latitude and Location History


What device is that in the screenshot?

Looks like it's using an outdated version of the Android Market ... just saying.

I, for one, am glad to see a device other than the latest and greatest featured in the lead photo of a story. All the dozens of Android handsets didn't just disappear after the Galaxy Nexus and the Droid Razr were released to the masses.

Hope this fixes the excessive crashing on Honeycomb devices.

I can count on at least one crash per session using Maps on a tablet. I report every single one of them, hoping to flood them with diagnostic material. Zoom out = Crash.

It seems lately that Google Earth is more reliable than Google Maps.

As a Latitude user on a Galaxy Nexus, this is good news. I'm not expecting a huge improvement in battery life, though, because I'm a realist. I hope I'm wrong though.

Still waiting on my ability to look around on Maps and see public G+ posts. It's something I really enjoyed doing with Buzz. Found a lot of interesting people that way....sigh.

5 Crashes in the first 5 minutes for me, so, yeah. Put it back in the oven for another half hour, and next time concentrate on core features and less on the social aspects, which nobody uses anyway.