ASUS Qube Google TV

Asus spilled the beans on its newest Qube Google TV box earlier today, and now we've got our hands on it. With what we think may be the most interesting design to hit Google TV since... well, ever, the Qube seems promising. As far as the details go, things are a little sparse. We know it's running the current Google TV software with all of the amenities like Chrome and Youtube, and that the Qube will include 50GB of free storage from WebStorage.

Android Central @ CES

Although the unit we got ahold of isn't working, we did get a solid feel for the connectivity options. You've got a full-sized USB port on the right side -- presumably for quick access to plug in drives and other devices -- and everything else is on the back. The back plate sports HDMI in and out -- for TV pass through -- as well as ethernet and another full-sized USB port. An analog in/out jack rounds out the group. The remote is a standard Google TV setup, with a little bit of "Nexus" flare in the coloring. There's also a full QWERTY keyboard on the back that seems to work well, which is important for the browsing-heavy Google TV interface.

Overall ilt seems well built enough, with a striking design to say the least. We're hoping to have more time with the Qube while we're at CES, hopefully with one that is actually hooked up to a TV. For now, take a quick walk through the hardware with us in the video and several more pictures of the Qube after the break.