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Samsung this evening has launched a new website geared toward telling the story of how it designs its products. And we're not just talking mobile here — a wide array of products get love with this new project. It's based on three pillars — Product Stories, Meaningful Stories and About Us.

Product Stories, as you might imagine, strives to tell the stories behind Samsung's products. Meaningful Stories "explains Samsung’s design heritage through experimental design stories and collaborations with third party artists." And About Us "helps readers better understand what drives Samsung’s design process."

And, well ... just have a look.



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Samsung fires up a new website to explain its design philosophies


Hahahahahahaha! Love the sarcasm! On a side note, they must know that people are hating all over them for their "philosophy" of design for their phones. They shouldn't need a web site. It should all be shown in the device.
Nexus 5...enough said

47 repetitive gadget blog commenters hardly speaks for the general consumer, even though they clearly think that's how the world works... :)

All I saw (after my Samsung "smart" TV flimsy 3d glasses broke on my face into 3pieces) was "Flows: a journey down the toilet"

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Funny, they didnt bother to put a story about the s5 design philosophy, but there IS one for the s4...

Makes sense, why have the same video twice right? lol

Which major producer has released a new phone the last year that looked dramatically different compared to the previous generation?

Changing design too much costs customers, and a lost costumer is really, really hard to convince to come back. Just ask HTC, Nokia and Motorola.

Actually the last 1 mentioned may be a bad example. And I don't know about Nokia but the last time they had a face lift they also went all in with WP8.. I don't think the design had much to do with it falling.

It should just be a white background with black text that says "We have no design philosophy, but you'll still buy it."

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I can hear the snide plastic/metal remarks already. Computers are so interesting, especially phones. Modern art meets circuits and all these ideas and opinions in aesthetics get thrown around.

Just goes to show that designers world over attend the same university of smelling your own farts. Talking in mystical generalities and emotive anthropomorhisms they sell us the piece of crap they so painstakingly crafted. Thus confirming our sophisticated and enlightened choice of their flimsy piece of plastic, getting us high on the same aroma their stylish offices are infused.

I'm still waiting for one of these designers to poke their head up above the fumes and realize that no one gives two shits about the textures on the back of the phone and people are instead looking for protection from everyday bumps and bruises. By slapping on an after-market, after-thought case over their genius works of inspired aesthetics we not only nullify their efforts but in the process are forced to compromise basic ergonomic functionality: button access, edge swipe on a bumper case anyone? Don't even get me started on how most folio cases transform the device into unrecognizable, nearly unusable slab of faux leather.
I think that only Motorola have had the slightest inkling of doing something in that area but that will probably go to shit too under the new direction of Lenovo.

Give us a nice ergonomic solid phone that doesn't need a case you fart smelling cardigan wearing neo hippies!
(rant over:)

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I think the fact that tons of people thought that the glass back of the iPhone was very appealing nullifies your argument. And I've been using smart phones for 10 years or more and I've never destroyed a single one. Not even a cracked screen. I have never 'needed' a case. So I'm not even sure what you were ranting about. Unless you just wanted to talk to hear (smell) your own voice (farts). (See what I did there?)

OK I shouldn't have said people don't give a shit about the design of the back of the phone thus offending those who factor it into their buying decisions. Nice backs sure look good in the ads and they do sell phones - then most people go and slap a case on it. 9/10 iPhones I see in the wild have a case on it. Android users maybe it's 8/10, android power users like on this site are a bit different for reasons that are potentially interesting

In any case most people use one (see what I did there?) So you didn't nullify my argument and you, the super careful user, are in the minority. I was in that minority once as well as I was trying to appreciate and realize the vision of the designer and keep it naked. I could do that through holsters for a long time but when phones got bigger and my glistening new nexus 4 arrived I went to the first case stall to get some protection (right after I went to google " nexus 4 cracked back").

Now I have a piece of mind that the case affords and every time I drop my phone (which I don't do on purpose) I breathe a sigh of relief even before I go to pick it up. My sister - she dropped her case-less S4 within two days so ingeniously that the power and volume up buttons got pushed in and the phone entered into recovery mode and she was crying that she bricked it (luckily there's iFixit)

So you go ahead being super careful until you break your phone and I'll go ahead carrying my protected but 15g heavier phone with impaired side swipe while hating on the designers who prioritize how the phone performs in the ads instead of real life.

Life companion my ass

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Funky, you're completely wrong. Customers have demonstrated over and over they want skinny phones, not bulky rugged ones. The few ruggedized phones that have been marketed sell in tiny quantities compared to skinny phones. People don't become interested in bulky cases or rugged phones until they drop and break their phone. And, most of the time, not even then.

Meyer you're completely missing the point. Customers have demonstrated over and over that they want their phone protected - that's why most people stick it in a case.
They also want their phone to look good so they are repulsed by ruggedized ones which are somewhat over engineered in my opinion and purposefully emphasize their rugged design - in the marketing. They are being marketed as a niche product so they remain as such.

Now protected doesn't have to be too bulky. The case on my N5 adds a couple mm and gives sufficient protection. If the original design however incorporated the same level of protection I'm sure you could achieve that while shaving off a mm and a few grams (from the actual real-life device), keeping the phone good looking like the designer intended while not breaking functionality.

Or what's going on? People want nice skinny phones -> people pay big $ for their nice skinny phones designed by nice skinny people in cardigans -> people put silly cases on their nice skinny phones making them uglier, bulkier, heavier, harder to use.

Because plastic is light, strong, and doesn't dent and scratch like metal. And it makes it easy to change the battery.

All the design philosophies and hordes of designers... in the end they came up with the S5. Maybe they hired philosophers instead of design philosophers, S5 design is just brimming with irony.

Step 2: Let's not make it too obvious, but obvious enough to get sued around the world.

Step 3: plastic

Step 4: make it big enough so Pamela Anderson can play with it. (If last sentence seems boring, it's because I had to edit it down)

AC has turned into htc-fanboy dot com. And they all need to bash the competition to make themselves feel better about themselves. Low self-esteem, it would seem.

+1 Or other times it's Nexus-fanboy dot com or for a while there Moto X-fanboy dot com. Either way, Samsung is their favorite punching bag. In the end though, you know what they say about karma....

Samsung's design philosophy "To crush you enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their widows"
Cry on

No, we are talking about the company that has put millions, if not tens of millions, into a balance of form, fit and design.

They didn't get to be as huge in the mobile market as they are with proper research. How is HTC, Motorola and the others doing? Not well? What is the difference? Yes marketing goes into it, but that is not all of it

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Lol, these articles must be very therapeutic for some of you guys. Sheesh! I'm running out of Orville Redenbacher.

Interesting site. And I really like the Samsung products that I own, but the recent design of their smartphones just don't appeal to me. Same goes for the Chromebook 2, although I like that it's thinner and with an improved display.

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