Samsung in NYC

Hmmmmm. Samsung's bringing "the next big thing" to New York City on Oct. 24. What ever could it be?


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Samsung bringing 'the next big thing' to NYC on Oct. 24


Until the next big thing doesn't have a Pentile screen I don't care much. You can tell, even on a 720p screen.

SAmoled is nonpentile in itself. So samsung hasn't had a pentile screen for a while. But the note 2 is RGB so also non pentile

Who cares? I guarantee you can't tell it's pentile unless you have microscopic eyes! It's a great screen regardless!

It has been about 10 days, right on time for them to release a new Samsung product and abandon the previous ones :)

Well according to your comment if the "next" big thing was already here then it would be simply be the big thing. "next" implies something is coming.

so does this mean we won't see a mid-october release date for the note 2?

what i meant to say is - do you think this will be the release day, or the day they ANNOUNCE the release date?

They had the SIII get together after the SIII was released here in the states. So it's possible we will hear about release dates from carriers soon.

I suppose it's the SGN2 - I was REALLY hoping (beyond hope) that this would come out in October for Sprint so I wouldn't have to wait another month on VZW.

Clearly it's the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 after having the Galaxy S3 on Tmobile it's no way I will miss this. I will have both of them and it will be the best of both worlds...

You guys with this whole screen thing are funny. So serious. On a lighter note, lets hope its the GN2. Im so ready to grab this big ol bad boy

From what I've 'heard' the GN2 should be released on T-Mo the last week of October, so this might make sense. Announce the phone, then immediately sell it.

Why samsung have to do another event, they dont realize is the same people that went to previous event. Just start selling it on oct 24, do now that mean we getting them by dec?

Most of these people complaining about pentile have probably never even "used" the Note.

I purchased the original Note on day one of its US launch in February, and device is amazing. So amazing that Samsung sold over 10 million devices in one year, and apart from the GS3 (which I also own on Sprint), is considered one of their flagship devices.

The people who purchase, and then use, the Note are in most cases interested in how productive they can be with the device. The Note provides the best all-in-one experience of a smartphone, tablet, and electronic notepad available on the market today.

Practically every reviewer, and many people right here on this site, laughed at the Note when it was first announced. However, time showed that most of the naysayers were wrong. Now, not only is Samsung laughing all the way to the bank, they produced a second generation and will likely sell a lot more than the first.

If you're not one of the buyers; then simply move along.

I don't own a note but agree on all the reasons you stated. I'm very interested in the note. Hoping for it to be Verizon's release!