You could win a Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, a Galaxy S4, or some kickin' earbuds (plus accessories!) 

Earlier, we told you about Pen.UP — Samsung's new artists social network. It's a great idea and a very nicely done app, and anyone who enjoys making or viewing modern digital art (and has a supported Samsung device) should really take a look. I'm hooked, and can see a lot of time spent scrolling through all the great stuff people have made.

If you're the type who likes to create as well as look, Samsung and AC have a great contest (U.S. only) for you. We want to see your drawings, and as a little incentive to get Pen.UP off the ground Samsung has three very nice prizes to give away.

  • First Prize: A Galaxy Note 3 (on your carrier), an S-View Flip Cover, and a Galaxy Gear
  • Second Prize: A Galaxy S4 (on your carrier) and an S-View Flip Cover
  • Third Prize: A Massive Sound ESH70 wired stereo headset and a Flip Cover for your current Samsung Phone

That's a pretty great set of prizes! And winning them will be fun. Hit the break and pay close attention, as we explain how to enter.

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Install, and sign up for Pen.UP (Google Play link) on your supported Samsung device. That would be the Note 2, the Note 3, the Note 8 and the Note 10.1; as well as the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. Once you have your user account all set hashtagup, create and share some drawings. There is no limit of how many you can share, but remember that nobody likes a spammer. Anything you share that you want to be a contest entry needs to have the hashtag #ACcontest in the description. We'll use that as a filter to pick the winners.

You're not quite done, because we need a way to contact the winners. After you've entered, send an email to, with the subject "PenUP" and tell us your Pen.UP user name. Use a good email address, because this is how I'll contact the winners. 

We'll pick the three winners, find their email address in our inbox, and contact you to set you up with your prizes. Got it? Great. If not sing out in the comments and I'll try to make sure everyone can get entered.

Next Sunday, we'll pick the three winners and show off their entries here on the blog. We'll also get you in touch with Samsung to get your prizes shipped out.

Pen.UP fun

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