Android Central app

It's been a little while since we've talked about the official Android Central app (aka the AC app). Let's rectify that, as we've pushed out a new build today.

First, the changelog:

  • Not necessarily the most important, but the one we want to be most up-front about: We've integrated the ComScore analytics SDK, so we can get a better idea of how our app is being used. (ComScore is one of the publishing industry's leading analytics platforms — we relay their mobile reports all the time.) This required us to add one more permission: ACCESS_WIFI_STATE. (And that means you'll need to be sure to update the app manually in Google Play.)
  • We've updated gallery parsing code to be more robust. We don't really know what that means either — but robust is good.
  • Removed "Talk Mobile" section. Long live Talk Mobile!
  • We've fixed the crash that would sometimes occur when going into the comments of our fancy reviews.
  • Know how sometimes images wouldn't upload to the forums? (A big pain when entering photo contests.) We've fixed that, too.
  • And we've rolled in a fix for a nagging connectivity issue. (That one might have us the most excited.)
  • Plus, we've added in some improvements to performance and memory use. (Also very exciting.)

If you'd like to see a history of the changelog, you can do so here.

Now, onto the future. We've finally begun laying the groundwork for a bit of a redesign. That will include a proper tablet layout (finally!) and notifications support. (Also finally!) And we're still working on bringing search into the app, but that's not as simple as just adding a search box and calling it a day. The back-end for that needs to work on all of our websites, and those cover four mobile operating systems. So we're taking our time to make sure we do it right. (Thanks for your patience, we know it's a sought-after feature.)

Thanks for giving our app a try. If you've got a free minute, please be sure to rate it in Google Play. And stay tuned. More's coming.