Messaging apps

Stand-alone messenger apps are popular, but how popular? Take this week's poll.

I admit it. I only use Hangouts (formerly G Talk) for messaging on my phone. I have Google Voice for folks I don't know well enough to add to hangouts, and I have Skype installed for communication here at Mobile Nations, though I never use it. I've only installed others to make sure they do what they claim to do while writing about them. Maybe I'm boring, or maybe SMS and Hangouts is just good enough for me.

But I imagine I'm in the minority. It seems like everyone uses FaceBook Messenger, or WhatsApp (who'd have thought the two would get together, right?) or SnapChat — and not just for that type of texting. The download numbers tell me that a lot of people are using the apps, and hearing from you guys and gals who love them only solidifies the idea.

So, do you use a third-party messenger, and if so which one? There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, and after the break to make things nice and mobile-friendly. Make your choice, then fill the comments with discussion.