New phones

For the most part, folks who bought a new phone recently (and also answered our poll) are pretty happy with their purchase. Nothing is perfect — and these results reflect that — but when you dig through the reports of bad cameras and poor battery life (not to mention QC problems like defective units) that you find everywhere, the majority of folks aren't having any serious issues and seem to be enjoying the way they spent their money. That's good news for the people who make the darn things, and even better news for anyone contemplating a new phone purchase.

Poll results

The real interesting thing we see is that so many people are happy with the phones they already had and haven't bought a replacement yet. The comments on the original poll show that people still love the Androids they've had for a while, and that's great news for us consumers. Keep making things that stay relevant, you people making phones that are so expensive!

Also worth remembering, this is not meant to downplay the very real issues some people may be having. People are rightfully pretty vocal about problems they can't get any help with after they spent their money. I don't blame them, and hope everyone can get things sorted. I'm pretty confident that most can.