Visual storytelling app Storehouse makes its way to Android

Storehouse, a popular app for managing photo collections, has finally made its way to Android. The app, which received Apple's Design Award for its efforts on iOS in 2014, operates much like Google Photos' Collections feature, allowing users to create visual "stories" with their photos and videos.

Where things get interesting, however, is with the management of each album. You can customize the layout, adjusting and cropping photos as you go, to create visually appealing stories to share with friends. To spice things up, you can combine photos with videos and text to further flesh out your story. Once your story is complete, you can then share it with friends or family via direct link, email, or text.

Storehouse is free and definitely worth checking out if you enjoy the sort of "digital scrapbooking" it enables. If you're interested, you can grab the app on Google Play now.