Spotify is one of the world's largest music streaming services, but despite this, its Android app isn't quite up to snuff with its iOS and desktop counterparts. However, the company recently confirmed that it's finally addressing one of the features Android users have been asking for the most — playlist re-ordering.

As it currently stands, you can use the Spotify Android app to create a playlist and add/remove songs to it. Unfortunately, if you want to change the order those songs appear in, you need to use the Spotify app on an iPhone or your computer.

This implementation is a big pain in the butt, but as noted by the Spotify Community Team for the app's forums, this is changing:

We're really excited to announce that the right folks are now working on this idea. An upcoming version of Android will see this feature initially released to a small number of users. We'll post here again once we have more news to share.

It's still unclear why a feature as simple as this wasn't in the Spotify Android app from day one, but in any case, we're still excited to hear that it's something we'll get to check out in the near future.

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