For today's Daily Giveaway we'll be featuring the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case & Holster Combo for Galaxy Nexus, Seidio ACTIVE Case for Galaxy Note, Ecolife Element Side Case, and the Body Glove Flex/Chrome Snap-On Case for Samsung Vibrant.

Leave a comment below stating which item you'd like to win for your Android device, and we'll announce the lucky winner that was selected next week. Good luck!

Mobi Products Hard Shell Case & Holster Combo for Galaxy Nexus

The Mobi Hard Shell Case & Holster Combo allows your Galaxy Nexus to be worn on a waistband or belt, and can be taken off of the belt clip without removing it. The holster features a locking swivel belt clip which allows you to carry your Galaxy Nexus at any angle that is most comfortable for you.

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Seidio ACTIVE Holster for Samsung Galaxy Note

The durable spring clip on the Seidio ACTIVE Holster holds your Samsung Galaxy Note securely in place, and then lifts for quick access. Both the felt liner and the face-in design protect your Galaxy Note's screen from scratches and exposure to outside elements.  The ACTIVE Holster can be worn in any one of seven different positions, ranging between horizontal and vertical.  Requires the use of the Seidio ACTIVE Case for a proper fit.

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Ecolife Element Side Case

The Ecolife Element Side Case is made from 100% recycled fabric, features a large magnetic closure, and the back of the case contains a fixed belt clip that will attach easily to a belt or purse strap. The interior of this eco-friendly case is lined with soft material to help keep your phone safe and scratch free.

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Body Glove Flex/Chrome Snap-On Case for Samsung Vibrant

The Flex/Chrome Snap-On case offers revolutionary protection in the ultimate custom fit phone case. This case features a durable hard shell that is chrome on the front and wrapped in a textured flex material on the back that is easy to grip and protects your Samsung Galaxy S 4G or Vibrant from scratches.

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