Today's Daily Giveaway will feature the Cruzerlite Androidified A2 TPU Case for Galaxy Note, Seidio SURFACE Case for LG Thrill 4G, Mobi Crystal Case for T-Mobile Galaxy S II, and the Case-Mate POP! Case for HTC Inspire 4G.

To become eligible to win one of today's featured accessories, just leave your comment stating which item you'd like for your Android device.  We'll select one lucky winner at random and announce them next week.

Cruzerlite Androidified A2 TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy Note

The Cruzerlite Androidified A2 TPU cases are made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant thermoplastic polyurethane.  They're slim-fitting, and provide great protection for the Galaxy Note from day to day use and accidental bumps and spills.  The sleek, lightweight design of the A2 TPU cases fully wrap around the Galaxy Note while also raising the front of the device to protect the screen while face down.  Featured on the cases are custom designed Andy the Android prints.

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Seidio SURFACE Case for LG Thrill 4G

Looking for a low-profile, protective case for your LG Thrill 4G?  The Seidio SURFACE Case is a great option, featuring an amazingly thin layer of protection without adding the excessive bulk of other cases. At about 1mm thin, the SURFACE Case is designed from a hard, yet flexible material with a soft-touch coating to allow a better grip on your Thrill 4G.  The screen is left exposed for full functionality, and there are cutouts for all ports and controls.

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Mobi Products Crystal Case for T-Mobile Galaxy S II

The T-Mobile Galaxy S II Mobi Crystal Case is the perfect solution for protection for anyone who prefers the original look of their Galaxy S II.  The crystal case is completely transparent, and made of a highly durable plastic shell featuring cutouts for all of the device's ports and buttons.  It's great against drops, extremely lightweight, and easy to install and remove.

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Case-Mate POP! Case for HTC Inspire 4G

The lightweight plastic body of the Case-Mate POP! Case protects your HTC Inspire 4G from unforeseeable impacts, while keeping the screen lifted away from surfaces. Co-molded materials of plastic and soft rubber unite to create a hard case with a soft touch. The rubber sides of the POP! Case make for an easy grip while the soft material hugs your Inspire 4G like a glove.

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