Android Central app update

We can't believe we finally added this feature we've said we were adding!

OK, folks. You want it, you got it. We've finally added the ability to post images to the Android Central forums right from our most popular app. (That'd be the Android Central app, of course!) That means you can get all your favorite news stories, reviews, editorials and deals, then hop over in the forums to see what everyone else is talking about, all in one app.

It's available now, so hit up Google Play and get your update on.

And don't forget that we've got Android companion apps for each of the Mobile Nations sites. Here's where to find them:

And if you're so inclined, we'd love it if you left us a glowing review! Or if there are features you'd still like to see, that feedback is always appreciated, too. Thanks for taking the time to give our apps a go, and thanks for being loyal Android Central and Mobile Nations readers!