The few generations of Chromebook Pixels that you've grown to love over the past few years? They're the last of its kind. If you've got one, might as well put it into storage for preservation.

Google's Rick Osterloh told TechCrunch and other journalists at Mobile World Congress that the Pixel laptop — the first-ever-of-its-kind premium Chromebook — has officially reached the end of its life.

When asked if Google had plans to make more Pixel laptops, Osterloh replied that the company had none at the moment, nor did it have plans to make more of the previous Pixel laptops that had sold out in August.

Chrome OS is still fine, though. "Chrome OS is a huge initiative in the company," Osterloh reassured. And then he added: "Google hasn't backed away from laptops. We have the number two market share in the U.S. and U.K. — but we have no plans for Google-branded laptops."

In the meantime, Asus and Samsung make some pretty convincing Chromebook alternatives. And if you're still aching for something that's Pixel-branded, but more mobile, there's still the Pixel C and Pixel smartphone for sale.