Samsung Unpacked MWC

Update: The cube in the middle of the room opened up into a stage after all! This is bonkers! Follow our liveblog for more!

Mobile World Congress

Samsung has just opening the doors and started letting everyone in line at the Unpacked MWC event in, with instructions to find a seat and strap on one of the Gear VR headsets assigned to each chair. That's right, the entire audience here is going to be watching the Galaxy S7 Unpacked presentation through the Unpacked 360 View app on the Gear VR.

Andrew in VR

This raises more than a couple of questions, not the least of which is how our stellar team of livebloggers are going to handle watching the presentation in VR and typing to you at the same time. It's also further evidence that Samsung is pushing full steam ahead with the Gear VR and the possible experiences contained within. With at least 3200 headsets tethered with Ethernet and power, it's hard not to be impressed while also confused with this elaborate setup.

Be sure to check in at our liveblog to see how our AC editors handle this experience, as well as watching the presentation unfold for yourself in boring old 2D YouTube if you don't have a Gear VR handy.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge


Samsung Gear VR



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