Samsung will unveil five new C-Lab projects during its upcoming developer conference in San Fransisco. Projects that come from the C-Lab are ideas from its own employees that the company then helps make their ideas a reality. The projects vary from a single app that can control multiple smart devices via a smartphone camera, a lifelogging camera that produces 360-degree videos and more.

C-Lab project AMe

Samsung notes that the projects include:

  • LiCon: an app that controls various smart devices via a smartphone camera
  • Ahead: a communication device for people who wear helmets
  • AMe: a wearable lifelogging camera that produces 360-degree VR videos
  • ItsyWatch: a wearable that helps children form good habits
  • Entrim 4D+: a VR accessory that lets users feel the movements of the on-screen action.

Samsung's Developer Conference is scheduled for April 27 and April 28 in San Francisco. Be sure to stay tuned for additional information on these projects from our live coverage of the event.

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