A source familiar with Samsung's investigation into the exploding Note 7 issue says the South Korean tech giant has concluded that batteries were to blame for the spontaneous combustions that led to two recalls and the ultimate demise of the flagship device, Reuters reports. In other news, grass is green and the sky still appears to be blue.

Joking aside, this news reaffirms what everyone already already assumed: catastrophic battery failure was the leading cause behind the Note 7 fires. While we wait on an official response from Samsung — which the source says should come in the days before the company releases its fourth quarter numbers — we would like to see the final report address what specific issues caused the Note 7 batteries to spontaneously combust.

As you'll recall (pun not intended) when the Note 7s first started to explode, Samsung was quick to offer a solution in the form of a different battery supplier, assuring the public the issue was with those particular cells. Given that the problems persisted despite the new batteries, it will be very interesting if Samsung concludes that it was solely a supply chain issue and not with the Note 7 itself.

And it's going to be imperative for Samsung to not leave any lingering questions in the air with the Galaxy S8 launch expected in the first half of 2017, as I'm sure we'd all like to put the Note 7 saga behind us once and for all.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7