The Samsung Replenish is an eco-friendly smartphone that also brings an acceptable level of overall functionality to the Android table. Keeping that in mind, the Samsung Replenish offers up to 32GB of expandable memory, which is definitely a plus for those that prefer to keep an updated library of their favorite music, movies and applications handy at all times. Memory Cards are a great solution for the restrictions of limited onboard space on your device.

Samsung Replenish Memory Cards

Droid Bionic Memory Cards 

Memory Cards allow you to store a much larger amount of personal data, whether it be music, movies or apps. By simply inserting these microSD cards into the back of your Samsung Replenish, you free up internal phone storage and are able to manage your data more efficiently.


Samsung Replenish Card Readers

Droid Bionic Memory Cards

Memory Card Readers make it extremely convenient to transfer the data stored on your memory card(s) via the USB plug on the card reader. When you're done, simply unplug the card reader and clip it on your keyring or keep it in your pocket.