Samsung Pay

Samsung has just sent out an update to its Samsung Pay app (to version 1.3.1716) for those currently using the service in beta, adding a few useful interface improvements. Notably, the app has received some visual polish, which lines up well with its expansion out of beta in less than a week on September 28.

Alongside each card in the app you'll now see its virtual card number, which used to require a tap into the information screen of the card. The settings of the app also now have a proper about screen with information on the app as well as an "update" button, which wasn't there before.

Samsung PaySamsung Pay

Perhaps most importantly are the new "Simple Pay" settings, which let you control where and when the phone is ready to launch Samsung Pay so you can use it in a store. You now have the option of turning off this availability on the home screen and lock screen, as well as turning on or off a new capability, which is accessing it when the phone's screen is off. In all three cases, you simply swipe up from the fingerprint sensor onto the screen to activate Samsung Pay, and you'll have to authenticate with your fingerprint or a PIN to initiate payment.

We expect several more updates to hit the Samsung Pay app is it gets ready to launch completely in the U.S. If you're in the beta right now, just open the Samsung Pay app to be notified of the update.

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