Spare batteries for the Samsung Nexus S are designed for the on-the-go power user.  The raw speed of this device translates into higher battery use, and a backup battery can deliver hours of extra talk and play time.  Small, durable and lightweight, these are a must-have solution that is ideal when power outlets are not readily available.

Samsung Nexus S Spare Batteries

Samsung Nexus S Batteries 

You never know when your day may require more life from your Samsung Nexus S than normal, so play it safe. Keep an extra battery handy at home, at work or in your travel bag.  These standard batteries ensure that your Samsung Nexus S works at optimum performance and reliability.


Samsung Nexus S Extended Life Batteries

Samsung Nexus S Batteries

These Extended Batteriesare designed for the user who needs extra life, but doesn't want to add any thickness to their Nexus S, or carry around a spare battery with them at all times.  It's the extra juice you need for your day all in one standard sized battery.

Best Selling Samsung Nexus S Batteries