Turns out Australia getting access to the Samsung, HP, and Acer Chromebooks was just the tip of the international iceberg, Starting from today (March 19) folks in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands will be able to purchase one of the three best-selling Chromebooks without knowing a friend who will ship across the borders.

While the Samsung Chromebook has sat at the top of the Amazon best-selling list for laptops for quite a while, Chrome OS and Chromebooks have yet to explode like Android has. Basically the Chrome Browser turned into a platform for development (read our Chromebook Pixel review for more details), some people are reluctant to try. We don't blame them, Chrome OS clearly isn't for everybody.

But if you've been wanting to pick up a Chromebook and live in one of the six new countries where they will be sold, hit the source link and get the details on where you can pick one up, and when.

Source: Google Chrome blog