Research in Motion never released a long-rumored Android client for its BBM service. Samsung never got around to purchasing HP's webOS. So it only makes sense that the latest and greatest anonymously sourced rumor puts RIM as "going hard after Samsung," hoping to be whisked away from the Island of Misfit Toys. That's according to BGR, which "heard" that RIM's looking to get between $10 billion and $15 billion for the company.

The question for us then becomes what the hell Samsung would do with RIM, given that (lawsuits notwithstanding) Samsung's pretty much leading the way in the Android space. First and foremost, RIM's sitting on a pretty pile of patents. Secondly -- but perhaps no less important -- is the whole enterprise field. It's between RIM and Microsoft on that front, and having BIS/BES under your belt is a pretty mean weapon to wave. And then there's BlackBerry Messenger, which provides slick device-to-device messaging that's long been one of the crowning features of BB. Of course, Samsung just released its own ChatON cross-platform messenger.

We're a long, long way from this happening. And we're likely a long, long way from seeing the likes of BIS/BES integrated into Samsung Android phones if it should happen. (And there's no promising that Android-BB children would be born out of it anyway.) And it doesn't surprise us in the least to hear that RIM's shopping itself around. Or that it's talking to Samsung. Or that it's talking to everybody. Welcome to business, folks.

Source: BGR; via CrackBerry