If that 4.3-inch screen on your Droid X (our review) isn't big enough to show off them cute pictures you took at Disney World to your grandma's weak eyes -- there was always another alternative. By using the micro HDMI (you can buy one here at Android Central Store) port on Droid X, owners have always had the ability to take their pictures and video to the big screen. Though, wouldn't it be great if you could display all of your apps, games, soundboards, etc on your TV too? 

GmanApps, developer of the new Real HDMI app on Market, will now allow you to do just that. We're probably most excited to be able to play our favorite emulators on the big screen. Now, where is that Wii-remote? If you already have or gonna give this app a try, shout out in the comments section. Download links after the break.