Promo Codes app lets you take a shot at winning a free paid app each day

If the idea of snagging paid apps for free thanks to the recent introduction of promotional codes on Google Play strikes your fancy, a new app fittingly called Promo Codes may be up your alley. Simply put, the idea behind the Promo Codes app is pretty novel, offering users one chance per day to win a promo code for a particular paid app.

The way the app works is that one paid app from a participating developer will be featured in Promo Codes each day. Along with the name of the featured app, Promo Codes will present an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, and you simply press that button for a chance at winning a promo code for the app. If you win, the code will be copied to your clipboard and you can then redeem it on Google Play. If you lose, you're simply redirected to the app's page on Google Play.

At the moment, developer Jack Underwood says that the apps that are currently being promoted through Promo Codes include Nova Launcher, Franco Kernel Updater, Today Calendar Pro, Focus, Impressions, Relay for reddit, Twee, Shuttle, and Progression. However, the list is bound to grow as more developers hop on board. For now, if you're interested in trying your luck at winning some free apps, you can grab the Promo Codes app on Google Play now.

Source: Jack Underwood (Google+)