Pranav Mistry

Samsung continues to reshuffle executives within the company, thanks to a downturn in profits and declining handset sales. Pranav Mistry is the next employee to move seats, with the Indian national appointed as the new global vice president of the South Korean giant. You may recall the name as Mistry played a part in the development and subsequent launch of the Galaxy Gear, the first Android smartwatch from Samsung.

As well as working at Samsung on wearable tech, Mistry is also known for inventing Sixth Sense, a technology that creates "wearable gestural interfaces", allowing wearers to augment the physical world with digital information. Wearers can then interact with said data through natural hand gestures.

It's not yet known who will replace Mistry to head up the Samsung wearables division, and whether or not this appointment will turn things around for the seemingly troubled company.

Source: Wall Street Journal