Popular writing app 'iA Writer' makes the jump from iOS to Android

Popular iOS and Mac writing app, iA Writer, has made its debut on Android today. Information Architects, the folks behind iA Writer, made the announcement earlier today through a lengthy blog post in which they also described the process of developing for Android.

One of the big draws for iA Writer is the simple, clean and clutter-less writing experience it delivers. Though the developers note that the Android app is just a start— comparing it to the first iteration of its iOS counterpart— the app's description on Google Play shows that much of what it is known for is present:

  • Focus Mode lets you concentrate on the current sentence
  • Use Markdown to format your documents without taking your hands from the keyboard
  • Custom typeface optimized for writing
  • Polished to be easy and clear
  • No formatting settings to fiddle with
  • No complicated interactions
  • Seamless Dropbox sync

In addition to debuting the app for Android today, the developers also talked about completely rebuilding the app for a new OS. Notably, the team was concerned over Androids openness and the potential for piracy. However, as described in its blog post, the team has come to appreciate the platform's open nature:

So far, the downsides of Android's openness have been offset by the friendly, multifaceted culture around Android. Solid documentation from Google, the good people at Stack Overflow, our seven nation army of beta testers, the prospect of staged rollouts any time, a fully integrated testing process in the Play Store. Throughout our Android experience, we have seen a cheerful thankfulness towards developers long gone on the Apple ecosystem.

If you'd like to check out iA Writer, you can grab it for $4.99 from the Google Play badge above. For more on the process of building the app from the ground up for Android, be sure to check out the source link below.

Source: Information Architects