Feel that? That's the Android Market growing right before our very eyes. After getting Yelp yesterday, Android will receive National Public Radio's NPR News app by the end of this month. The NPR News app on Android will deliver all the programs you love on NPR onto your Android device. And don't worry, the NPR News app for Android isn't some run-of-the-mill iPhone port, the Android version actually has features that make it a better app than its iPhone counterpart.

The NPR News app for Android will obviously run in the background, so you can listen in on programs while using other smartphone functions. The NPR News app also takes advantage of the open source aspects of Android, encouraging local stations and outside developers to put their own stamp on the app. To quote NPR:

“The main thing we want to preserve across all the different platforms are the bottom tabs,” which include News, Programs and Stations, says Perry, NPR’s mobile head. “On Android, we think it would be nice to let local stations include their own content, not just NPR content. And we want the users to be able to customize it according to their interests. It’s in their hands.”

Sounds good by us. Anyone excited about NPR News available on Android?