Google TV and Logitech Revue

Let's face it; Google TV owners have thus far had a bit of a rough ride out the gates. Big media hasn't been all too friendly as of late and many would say that Google TV was in desperate need of an update as soon as it was released. Google today, though, has taken care of some of that with a major update to Google TV, which includes some new features, fixes some of what was broke and as Google claims adds more value to your Google TV. In addition to the Google TV changes, Logitech has updated its Revue set-top box as well.

So what does the update fix? Well first off, Netflix has finally received a much-needed overhaul. It is now using the HTML5 version of the app that actually improves the overall experience (i.e: makes it usable) and functionality. Dual View, which has been a pain for some folks, now allows you to move those lovely windows around to wherever you do so wish. And you all remember that YouTube Remote App, right? Well, starting today, Google has made one available for Google TV as well. (download after the break) Finally, the last revision covers movies and how information about them is displayed. A new info window has been introduced which better filters search results from content available on the web providing more details about the movie you search, related movie to it and much more. [GoogleTV Blog and Logitech]