A long time ago, we used to be able to share location data with friends through this app called Google Latitude. When Latitude and other apps were folded into Google Maps, the location sharing feature was migrated over to Google+. It looks like even Google has given up on people using that social network, as the feature is moving back to Google Maps in the next update. Even better, it looks like this feature is getting a huge update.

The UI in the new Maps update shows that some features from the Trusted Contacts app were found to be particularly useful, but this will be deeply integrated into the Maps experience. You'll be able to share to individuals or groups, and have quite a bit of control over how long you are sharing and how often that information is updated.

Best of all, you won't need to be an active Google Maps user to enjoy this feature. In fact, you won't even need to be on mobile. Location sharing will be available on Android, iOS, and both mobile and desktop browsers. This is a deep sign of "about time" for those of us who have been using the feature since the Latitude days, and it's going to be a wonderful addition to Maps when it finishes rolling out to everyone.