Android Central App

Earlier this week we released Version 1.4 of the official Android Central App. OK, technically we're already at v1.4.1 thanks to a quick bugfix. But point is, we're continuing down our roadmap. 

We've added some new features — and most notable is a slightly revamped design — and kept our focus on speed and improving stability. And we're not done yet, of course.

New in v1.4.1 are:

  • An updated app icon.
  • New visual design. It's got more of a card feel to it, and a little splash of color.
  • Pull to refresh a story list or comments.
  • Switched to the Android-defined font sizes. If they're too big for your taste, open a story and then hit the overflow menu for the font options. (I'm blind as a bat, but I've opted for the "small" size.)
  • We switched form swiping between sections to a drop-down menu style. We get that some folks just love to swipe — it is a more natural feeling — but we've already found that this new style is being used more.
  • Added a dedicated Talk Mobile 2013 section and improved interaction in the Talk Mobile stories.
  • Improved performance and stability.
  • Added support for Javascript widgets in articles — so things like polls work better.
  • Added the ability to edit or delete comments. But you've got to do so within the first 15 minutes of posting. (It's the same rules for on the blog.)
  • Podcasts are now downloaded to a "Podcasts" folder so you can use your favorite media player.

Like we said, we're not done. We've still got to improve the app for tablets. We hear you on being able to search for stories. We've got to get our image galleries nailed down. And an app can never be too stable. (If you'd like to see our changelog history, it lives here.)

Thanks for all the great feedback. And thanks to those who have been participating in our beta program. And thanks for your patience as we continue to work to make this application the best it can be.