Samsung phones

Samsung has failed to win a presidential veto of an ITC ruling against some of its older Android-based mobile devices, meaning an import ban should now be in effect. Following an August ITC ruling, which found that some older Samsung devices infringed upon certain Apple patents, the Obama administration had 60 days to consider a using presidential veto. According to reports from Bloomberg, the president declined to do so.

Devices affected by the ban, the result of legal action brought by Apple in 2011, include the Galaxy S 4G, Fascinate and the original Galaxy Tab, according to The Verge. The ruling will not affect the vast majority of Samsung-made Android phones and tablets currently sold in the U.S.

Apple found itself facing down a similar import ban back in August targeted at several of its iOS devices, a ruling which was overturned by presidential veto. The crux of that decision focused on the fact that Apple was found to have infringed standards-essential patents owned by Samsung, in addition to suggestions that Samsung was unwilling to set reasonable terms for licensing these patents to Apple.

In any case, this latest import ban shouldn't affect anyone in the U.S. looking to pick up a current Samsung-made phone or tablet. Nor will it be the final chapter in the ongoing legal wrangling between Apple and Samsung.

Source: Bloomberg, The Verge